Best Shows/Movies to Watch During the Quarantine Season


There are so many hidden gems that are on Netflix that can be explored in the next upcoming weeks. Depending on what mood you are in, Netflix has shows and movies that complement each one. If you are looking for some feel good romance movies check out She's Out of my League and Sleeping with Other People. If you are looking for a new romance novel you should watch Love is Blind and Virgin River. If you want a great show about growing up and finding yourself in this society watch All American. Other amazing shows to watch include: On my Block, Weeds, Schitt's Creek, and Friends from College!



Hulu has many great originals and shows that are not on any other streaming service. If you want an interesting comedy that is witty and cult like sensation is Letterkenny. Another Hulu original that is getting an amazing following is Handmaid's Tale. This show is amazing if you want to watch a dystopian reality filled with fear, agony, and a gritty sense of society. If you want to watch a happier show filled with laughs, watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine. 



Amazon series are taking on the world by storm. They are all written with great character development, plot twists, crazy action scenes, and education. The must watch show right now is Hunters!! This show is absolutely phenomenal. I recommend everyone to watch it, but please be advised that it does have some graphic imagery. Another amazing show that is engaging and violent is Jack Ryan. 


In these times, we understand how hard it must be. These shows not only entertain, but they also distract. Another thing that we can do during these times is set up our life for after this is over with. We can plan for the better times. Call or text us to plan for your future! 


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