How to get "Cherry Lips"

How to get "Cherry Lips"

The key to getting plump lips that appear natural is the Cherry Lips trend. This current lip filler fab grew popularity in South Korea, where it has now spread to be the most desired lip shape for influencers everywhere. The lip filler is injected exclusively in the middle of the lips, avoiding the corners/edges of the lips. This results in a natural, effortless look that will not look over-done. The lips will look like four plump cherries after; two on the top lip in the middle, and two on the bottom middle of the lip.

This youthful lip filler technique is commonly done by plastic surgeon Dr. Deepak Dugar, MD. Patients come to him for volumptious lips, but he is known for the art of subtlety. Dr. Dugar believes no patient should leave his office looking like they were operated on. He focuses the lip injections towards the middle of the mouth to achieve a youthful plump pout. Dr. Dugar specializes in enhancing the natural beauty of his patients, with minimal correction he believes this can make the biggest difference. 

If you have been looking into getting lip injections, and want it done right; come see Dr. Dugar at Beverly Hills Rhinoplasty Center. Dr. Dugar will leave you with an effortlessly plump look that will have everyone believe you were born with it. 

Call or text us at (310) 276-1703, or you can email us at to book your next appointment with us. We here at Scarless Medspa have your best interest in mind, and your health is most important to us. We want you to rest assured that you are in the best hands and can achieve your health and aesthetic goals with us at The Beverly Hills Rhinoplasty Center.


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