The Legacy of the Scarless Rhinoplasty

The Legacy of the ScarlessNose begins with one man. That man is Dr. Jacques Joseph.

Dr. Jacques Joseph was one of the first surgeons who recognized the power of plastic surgery. He made the connection that plastic surgery has a positive impact on mental health and spirit. He fine tuned the closed scarless technique in Berlin and and went on to publish books to educate the masses on this wonderful technique. Dr. Jacques Joseph then took on the role of mentoring many different doctors in the United States including Dr. Irving Goldman, who was then trained famous Dr. Howard Diamond. 

Dr. Howard Diamond was a legend in the field of Rhinoplasty surgeries doing up to 7 surgeries a day! Dr. Howard then trained Beverly Hills surgeon Dr. Morey Parkes.

Dr. Morey Parkes was one of the most wanted surgeons in Los Angeles from the 1960's to the 1980s. Every celebrity of that time came to him and wanted the scarlessnose technique. He also took on the role of a mentor for many young doctors.

During the same time period, another doctor by the name of Dr. Eugene Tardy, was also revolutionizing the Rhinoplasty surgery. He created a fantastic residency program and became of modern times most famous Rhinoplasty surgeon. In was in Dr. Tardy's residency program that the young Dr. Raj Kanodia began his journey of learning the scarlessnose technique. 

Dr. Raj Kanodia then came to LA to fight for the fellowship under Dr. Morey Parkes. He secured the fellowship, charmed Dr. Morey Parkes, and finally worked alongside him. Dr. Kanodia then took over this practice and now is the best Closed Scarless Rhinoplasty surgeon. He is the most famous surgeon for the celebrities and around the world. Dr. Kanodia then became the mentor and chose Dr. Deepak Dugar who stood out against the crowd for his drive and abilities. 

Dr. Deepak Dugar will now continue the legend and time honored technique that is the scarlessnose rhinoplasty. He will continue to become a mentor and teach the next generation of Closed Rhionplasty surgeons. 

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