What is a Scarless Nose? Closed vs. Open Rhinoplasty

Deciding to get an open or closed rhinoplasty can be a confusing decision with each having two very different surgical approaches. Many people always ask what is a closed or open rhinoplasty, there is a staggering difference difference between the two. In closed rhinoplasty all the incisions are made on the inside of the nostrils, no part of the incisions is ever seen externally, avoiding any visible scars. A closed approach can be used for enhancing/ refining the shape and functional surgery to improve breathing. Closed rhinoplasty is preferred by most celebrities and athletes since recovery time is minimal and the cast comes off on day 5-7 with very little signs of bruising. This is why virtually every major celebrity around the globe chooses Scarless Closed Rhinoplasty for their nasal refinement. “Open” rhinoplasty surgeons will tell you that 99% of their patients have no obvious scars, but if you are the 1% who gets a bad scar under your nose, it could be career ending. A bad nose job can destroy a career, so it is of utmost importance that a subtle, natural rhinoplasty be the goal via a scarless closed technique. Often too much is done to noses with the “open” reconstructive mentality and that can be disastrous to a beautiful nose that simply requires subtle refinement of the bridge, tip, or bones. During an open rhinoplasty, incisions are made at the base of the nose lifting the nasal skin up to expose 4-5 mm of your lower nasal skeleton which allows surgeons better visibility. An open approach can be used to also enhance/ refine the shape and improve functional breathing but there is a risk of scars. Open rhinoplasties are recommended if you are undergoing a revision or you require extensive work to achieve your desired results. Both closed and open approach can be extremely valuable but open rhinoplasty isn’t always required.




Watch my YouTube video "What is a Closed Rhinoplasty "Scarless Nose" vs Open Rhinoplasty? by Dr. Deepak Dugar, Beverly Hills"- Learn the difference between a Closed Rhinoplasty "scarless nose" vs an "open rhinoplasty." Hint: It's a HUGE difference! Knowledge is power: Know your options before picking a surgeon.

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