Why Exercise Doesn't Always Mean Weight Loss

The mindset of many Americans is to eat what you want, and work off the excess calories in the gym. Many people however are struggling with actually losing the weight. 

The reason is that calories coming in are directly related to the foods that we consume. This makes it easy to calculate the amount of calories that we have in a day. However, calories that we burn off is a different story. Only 10-30% of calories that we burn off are from physical activity. Physical activity in this sense means twitching, running, or moving around. 

Most of the calories that humans burn are from keeping us alive. This means generating heat, creating more cells, exchanging oxygen etc. This is called the basal metabolic rate (BMR). The BMR burns 60-80% of our daily calories! 

The issue is that the amount of calories that you burn each day decreases with age. This means that you have to work out more as you get older to stabilize the amount of calories you lose. 

Another thing to think about is that humans tend to reward themselves by eating more after a work out. Yet, we truly do not burn off as many calories as we think that we do. This will cause the phenomena of gaining weight even when we work out everyday. 

The thing to think about is that even if we work out it does not burn as many calories as we think. A better way to lose weight is to limit empty calories and watch your portion size. 

If you are eating healthy and still having a hard time losing that pesky weight then come on in to the Scarless Medspa™. Dr. Deepak Dugar can help you burn the excess fat that does not seem to want to go away. 



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