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Do Lip Fillers Permanently Stretch out Your Lips?

Do lip fillers permanently stretch your lips? If administered by a certified and properly trained professional, patients should not worry about any permanent long term effects from lip filler.

However, there are cases where individuals receive lip filler from someone who is not properly trained. Too much filler, too frequently, can have negative long term affects for patients. While millions of patients receive lip fillers and achieve great results, lip fillers can also be very dangerous if used incorrectly.

Lip fillers are a very common soft-tissue cosmetic procedure. Lip filler is injected into areas of sunken skin to rejuvenate areas that have lost their plumping look. As we age our body begins to decrease the amount of collagen produced which is why we may notice our lips drooping and shrinking. When filler is injected into an area, it restores volume and gives a plumping affect. Lip fillers can add volume to the lips to give a youthful, healthy plump.

There are several types of lip filler. Dr. Deepak Dugar, board certified plastic surgeon, only uses hyaluronic acid fillers at his Scarless MedSpa located in Beverly Hills California. Dr. Dugar opts to only use hyaluronic acid filler because it is a non-permanent filler, meaning it naturally is broken down by the body and can also be dissolved with another injection. With this filler, Dr. Dugar can easily reverse the affects if needed with another injection. Hyaluronic acid filler is naturally broken down by the body, so even patients who frequently received lip fillers chooses to stop getting them, their lips will simply go back to how they naturally are. Dr. Dugar has the knowledge and skill to only inject what is safe for the patient. Thus, even if a regular lip filler patient chooses to stop getting filler, their lips would safely return back to heir natural state as before. Health and safety of patients are the utmost importance to Dr. Dugar, which is why he chooses to solely uses hyaluronic acid filler. In addition to non-permanent fillers, there are also semi-permanent and permanent fillers. These fillers are not as safe as non-permanent and are not offered at Scarless MedSpa for that reason.


While lip fillers are extremely easy and safe cosmetic procedure, when injected with the wrong hands or with the wrong products this procedure can easily become dangerous. Only with an improperly trained administrator should lip filler patients be concerned about long term negative affects, such as lip stretching. This can easily be avoided with proper research on who will be injecting the filler. Some doctors ill-advise patients to receive filler too frequently. While these doctors may make more money from more procedures, it is at the expense of the patient. This is why a consultation before any procedure is essential. A thorough and honest conversation with your doctor before any cosmetic procedure is the best way to achieve good results. Dr. Dugar always consults with patients about any allergies, medical history, and what you hope to achieve with lip fillers. A consultation is the best way to make sure that you are receiving only the best care.


Patients interested in a consultation can best prepare by educating themselves on their options when it comes to lip filler. See here to read more about lip enhancements at Scarless MedSpa. To book a consultation with Dr. Dugar, see here.


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