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How Much Does Lip Filler Cost?

How much does lip fillers cost?

Lip fillers can be done by aestheticians, nurses, and plastic surgeons, so the cost can vary a lot. The cost of lip filler done by a surgeon like Dr. Dugar will be $1000 which is the price of a full syringe. The amount of filler injected depends on the need and desire of the patient. Dr. Dugar believes natural beauty is very important and he will have a thorough consultation talking about your desires when you come in for a consultation. At our Scaleless Nose medspa™, Dr. Dugar does injections like botox, lip filler, cheek filler, and jawline filler. During the consultation the needs and desires will be discussed with Dr. Dugar and he is an honest doctor that will guide you to your best options.

Lip fillers are very popular at the moment and they will help you achieve a more plump and rejuvenation. It is important to get lip fillers from an experienced doctor like Dr. Dugar who knows what fits best for you. The cost of lip fillers vary from the type of the filler used but in our Scarless Nose medspa™ we use one type of filler which is known to have great results. The filler Dr. Dugar uses at the Scarless Nose medspa™ is hyaluronic acid filler which is a non-permanent filler. If the desired lips are not achieved it is reversible. Also you can always come back for touch ups and Dr. Dugar will gladly do his best so you achieve your desired lips. The lip filler procedure is very quick and easy with little to no down time. The procedure is so fast and Dr. Dugar will numb your lips before so the procedure goes very smoothly.

You can book a consultation with Dr. Dugar by calling, emailing, or checking our website. During the consultation Dr. Dugar will give his honest advice and your desires will be discussed. Dr Dugar believes in natural beauty so you will go home still looking like yourself after the fillers.
You can discuss the prices further with him during the consultation and if you decide to move forward with the procedure the consultation fee will apply toward your procedure.

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