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Is it Normal for Lips to Hurt After Filler?

At Scarless Nose Medspa™, Dr. Dugar works hard to ensure you are at ease and experience the least amount of pain and discomfort as possible. Although some patients may feel a little discomfort from lip injections, there are steps you can take to significantly reduce any possible pain and make the healing process easier.

In order to eliminate any pain during the actual injection, Dr. Dugar will place a numbing cream on the
lips before administering the lip injections. With this, the chance for feeling any pain or discomfort during the actual injection itself is significantly reduced. After Dr. Dugar administers the injection, ice will be applied to your lips to reduce any swelling or bruising that will occur.

It is normal for your lips to be a little swollen or bruised a few days after receiving lip filler. Sometimes
patients may also experience a little bruising on the injection sites. This is all completely normal and
resolves within 2-3 days. After care for the first few days after lip filler is very important, especially to
help minimize any pain or discomfort. Once you receive lip filler, you should avoid any smoking, alcohol, and spicy food for 24 hours. You should also avoid any heat to the lips for 24 hours, including hot showers or saunas. These measures will reduce any swelling and bruising of the lips and will ease any discomfort or pain.

Make sure to stay hydrated but avoid using straws for the first week after you receive lip fillers. Using a straw can put pressure on the lips, possibly causing discomfort.

If you are feeling any pain after lip filler, icing can help tremendously. Icing the lips will help reduce any
swelling or pain you may be experiencing. If you do experience any discomfort, it is temporary and will
resolve in just a few days.

Dr. Dugar treats every single one of his patients with great patience and care, to ensure that you are
comfortable and happy with your results. If you are wondering if lip filler would be a good option for you,
feel free to call our office to schedule a consultation appointment at our Scarless Nose Medsaa™. If you have
any questions or concerns please contact us and we will be happy to help!

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