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A lot of surgeons are comfortable with using scarring procedures when it comes to performing Rhinoplasty, but Dr. Dugar goes above and beyond for his patients. At Beverly Hills Rhinoplasty Center™ located in Los Angeles, CA, Dr. Dugar offers Closed Scarless Rhinoplasty for his patients.

The art of rhinoplasty is totally dependent on teaching and mentorship. Every rhinoplasty surgeon learned from mentors of years past and this becomes paramount in choosing your Nose Surgeon. If their mentor was a Scarless (Closed) Rhinoplasty surgeon, this is likely their style of operating today. If their mentor was an “Open” rhinoplasty surgeon, this is likely their style of operating today.

The true Legacy of Scarless Noses starts in the 1800s with one of the true pioneers of the field of cosmetic plastic surgery, Dr. Jacques Joseph.

Dr. Jacques Joseph (September 6, 1865 – February 12, 1934) was a German plastic surgeon who was one of the first surgeons to recognize and acknowledge that although cosmetic surgery may not be a necessity, it played a deeper role in regards to a patient’s cognitive health due to its positive impact on their mental health, spirit, and role in the universe. Dr. Joseph perfected his Rhinoplasty techniques in Berlin and published numerous ground-breaking books on Rhinoplasty including some that are called “milestones in plastic surgery.” Dr. Jacques Joseph then trained multiple surgeons from the United States of America such as the legendary Dr. Irving Goldman, who was one of the predecessors of the famed Dr. Howard Diamond of Manhattan.

Dr. Howard Diamond was a legend in the field of Rhinoplasty and was undoubtedly one of the busiest rhinoplasty surgeons of all time. It was joked that Dr. Diamond had a nose factory in Manhattan as it wasn’t uncommon for him to do 5-7 rhinoplasties in a day! Dr. Howard Diamond then trained the famed Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Legend Dr. Morey Parkes.

Photo of Dr Deepak Dugar, a top plastic surgeon california together with his mentor Dr. Eugene Tardy

Dr. Deepak Dugar with personal mentor Dr. Eugene Tardy (right) — in Chicago, Illinois at the Advances in Rhinoplasty Meeting 2015

Dr. Morey Parkes was the most famous Plastic Surgeon in Los Angeles from the 1960′s-1980′s. He performed almost every rhinoplasty for any major celebrity during this time period and was famous for his subtle scarless (closed) rhinoplasty technique. Dr. Parkes had a very prestigious fellowship and apprenticeship that was sponsored by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. After over 25 years of mentorship to multiple young plastic surgeons, Dr. Morey Parkes decided to take on ONE last and final fellow in 1979.

Dr. Eugene Tardy in Chicago, during this same time, was building one of the most iconic residency programs in the last 40 years for creating Rhinoplasty Surgeons. Dr. Tardy is without a doubt one of the world’s most premiere Rhinoplasty Surgeons from modern times. He has been historic in teaching advances and approaches to the nose. Dr. Tardy has published some of the most iconic textbooks in the history of Rhinoplasty. It was here under the guidance of Dr. Tardy, that Dr. Raj Kanodia trained for his residency and began to learn the art of the Scarless Nose.

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best rhinoplasty surgeon in california in one photo - Dr Raj Kanodia, Dr Jean-Louis Sebagh, and Dr Deepak Dugar

Dr. Raj Kanodia, Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh, Dr. Deepak Dugar — in Monaco, Monte Carlo at the Aesthetic and Anti-aging Medicine World Congress Meeting 2013

Dr. Raj Kanodia then came to Los Angeles in 1979 to compete with 50 other plastic surgeons to achieve the fellowship under Dr. Morey Parkes in Los Angeles. With his surgical skill and charm, Dr. Kanodia secured his dream fellowship with Dr. Morey Parkes and trained under him for 1 year and then joined his practice where he worked side by side with Dr. Morey Parkes and Dr. Jack Sheen (2 of the premiere Rhinoplasty Experts of Los Angeles) for 4 more years until Dr. Kanodia took over the practice and his own legendary career blossomed.

Now after 37 years of practice, Dr. Raj Kanodia has cemented his fate as the world’s best Closed (Scarless) Rhinoplasty surgeon. He has performed more Rhinoplasty on celebrities, royalty, and athletes than any other surgeon in the world. He has been written about in every major magazine and touted as “the KING of the Hollywood Nosejob” by E! News and dubbed as “Doc Hollywood” by Vogue and Allure and Elle magazines. Dr. Kanodia has trained multiple fellows over the years who have gone on to have very successful practices but after 37 years in practice, decided to take on his last and final fellow. Dr. Deepak Dugar was hand selected to be the final fellow of the Advanced Closed Rhinoplasty Fellowship.

As time goes on, more and more surgeons opt towards open rhinoplasty which leaves unfortunate scars on beautiful noses that don’t necessarily require this. Dr. Deepak Dugar will continue to carry the time-honored legacy from the legendary greats such as Dr. Jacques Joseph, Dr. Howard Diamond, and Dr. Morey Parkes as well as from his own personal mentors, Dr. Eugene Tardy and Dr. Raj Kanodia – in order to preserve the integrity and skill of Closed Scarless Rhinoplasty for decades to come.

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Dr Deepak Dugar - Best Plastic Surgeon in California

The Five Things I Hate

About Rhinoplasty

1. Unnecessary external cuts and scars (99% of surgeons perform “open” rhinoplasty inflicting a scar at the base of the nose)
2. Pinched Nasal Tip (when too much cartilage is removed and/or no support is provided causing a collapse of the tip)
3. “Ski Slope” Profile (when too much cartilage and bone is removed from the profile causing a severe scooping of the nose)
4. “Miss Piggy” Nose (when the tip is lifted too much)
5. Worsened or Unimproved Breathing (when nasal breathing and structural function of the septum, turbinates and nasal vales are not adequately addressed)

These five things are constantly in my mind during every consultation and every surgery. This is where being the only surgeon in the USA whose entire surgical practice is dedicated to Scarless Rhinoplasty allows a superior advantage of finding the perfect delicate balance of meaningful refinement to a nose without drastic uncomfortable change. Natural noses are mandatory in my practice.

Face of a female patient who will undergo bulbous tip rhinoplasty being examined by a top plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills
Face of a female patient who will undergo bulbous tip rhinoplasty being examined by a top plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills


“Often, I will tell patients, ‘your nose looks great with your face. Don’t touch it!’ This might sound shocking from a nose surgeon, but I believe in integrity over operating. Not everyone needs surgery. And of those who do, not everyone qualifies for a scarless nose surgery (i.e. some severe revision cases or reconstructive cases). I am brutally honest with my nasal assessment, so rest assured if you are accepted as a Scarless Nose patient, it is because I am passionate and excited about the result I will deliver for you. “

– Dr. Deepak Dugar


“The only thing I get accused of is doing too little to a nose; and I’m totally okay with that. This accusation happens rarely but when it does, I’ll be the first to admit I’m Mr. Conservative with my scarless noses. I do noses day in and day out, so I have learned that conservatism is the safest route for natural, long lasting results that both patients and I are thrilled with for years to come.”

– Dr. Deepak Dugar