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Mastery of Scarless Rhinoplasty

Deepak raj Dugar, md

Plastic Surgeon located in Beverly Hills, CA

A lot of surgeons are comfortable with using scarring procedures when it comes to performing Rhinoplasty, but Dr. Dugar goes above and beyond for his patients. At Beverly Hills Rhinoplasty Center™ located in Los Angeles, CA, Dr. Dugar offers Closed Scarless Rhinoplasty for his patients.

The Beverly Hills Rhinoplasty Center™ stands on the shoulders of 70+ years of experience of Scarless Rhinoplasty in Southern California. What separates us from other surgeons is our view of standards. With any business, if you have poor standards you fail. If you have good standards, you likely will still go out of business. The only way to succeed is to elevate your standards because human nature forces us to do anything it takes to achieve the standards we set for ourselves. So if you have excellent standards, you will get good rewards. But this still isn’t enough for our patient expectations. What we realized is we need to have Outstanding standards – 2 millimeters above excellence. That is where outstanding glory lives and where the difference is made. Sometimes 2 millimeters is what allows a prize-winning racehorse to win, and it’s always what makes a rhinoplasty result go from excellent to Outstanding. Daniel Coyle wrote an amazing book called The Talent Code. The tagline of the book is “Greatness isn’t born. It’s grown. Here’s how.” We recommend anyone considering mastery in any field to read this amazing gem. The concepts of this book are the motivation behind the Beverly Hills Rhinoplasty Center™.

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Talent Compression Zones

In this book, Daniel Coyle analyzes what makes pockets of the world produce so much raw talent. He asks, “How does a penniless Russian tennis club with one indoor court create more top-twenty women players than the entire United States? How does a humble storefront music school in Dallas, Texas produce Jessica Simpon, Demi Lovato and a succession of pop phenoms?” How do these talent hotbeds keep creating masters in their fields so consistently?

Let’s look at his findings within the talent hotbed of Brazil for soccer (football). Why does Brazil consistently produce the most successful soccer (football) players in the world – 5 World Cup victories, 900+ young talents signed each year by professional European clubs, and stars like Pele, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, etc.. It wasn’t always this way so we can’t just attribute it to genetics and culture. It wasn’t until about 1950 when this talent hotbed erupted. And it coincidently happened to also be when Brazilian soccer players began training in a different way. They started practicing what is called “futebol de salao” which translates to “soccer in the room,” which is now called “futsal.” The beauty of futsal is that it was played in small spaces and didn’t require massive expensive well-kept grass fields so it gained viral popularity across the nation.

The reason futsal is so impactful in Brazilian mastery of soccer is in the math. Because of the small space the game is played within, Futsal players touch the ball about 6 times more often per minute than traditional soccer players. The ball itself is also smaller and heavier which requires more precise handling. With ball control and visualization so crucial, when Futsal players get to play traditional soccer on a full-size field, they feel as if they have acres of free space in which to operate. What the Brazilians did essentially was create a talent compression zone where players obtained 600% more practicing by cutting out the massive fields which waste significant ball-handling.

Similarly, Dr. Deepak Dugar has created a talent compression zone for Scarless Noses (Closed Rhinoplasty) by training under a legendary master who performed ONLY Closed Rhinoplasty and by now only performing Closed Rhinoplasty as 100% of his surgical practice. By cutting out all the other surgeries (facelifts, eyelids, breast implants, liposuction, BBLs, etc) Dr. Dugar created a talent compression zone where his ability to achieve mastery of Rhinoplasty becomes far quicker than any of his peers.


No Apprenticeship system has been quite as successful as Florence during the Renaissance from 1440 to 1490. At this time in Florence, craft guilds (associations of weavers, painters, goldsmiths) were organizing in order to control quality and regulate competition. The foundation of craft guilds was built on apprenticeship. Boys age 7+ were sent to live with masters for a fixed term of 5 to 10 years. The apprentice worked directly under the tutelage and supervision of the master and learned the craft bottom up – not through conventional lectures or theory, but through action: mixing paints, preparing canvases, sharpening chisels, etc. Through the system, they would rise through the ranks, and if skilled enough, achieve mastery. This system created a chain of mentorship: Leonardo da Vinci studied under Verrocchio, Verrocchio studied under Donatello, Donatello studied under Ghiberti; Michelangelo studied under Ghirlandaio, Ghirlandaio studied under Baldovinetti and so on. It was very common for them to all visit one another’s studio in a cooperative-competitive arrangement that would be akin today to surgeons shadowing and watching each other operate to learn from each other.

These apprenticeship systems are akin to a young man moving to LA to work for Steven Spielberg behind the scenes, learning bottom up. After years under a legend such as Steven Spielberg, it would be no surprise if this young man became a legendary movie director himself one day….the story of Ron Howard.

Similarly, Dr. Deepak Dugar positioned himself in the modern day Renaissance of Plastic Surgery – Beverly Hills, California – the mecca of beauty and cosmetics. There is no question Beverly Hills is the epicenter of the beauty industry and Dr. Dugar aligned himself with the kings of the craft early on in his career. Similarly to the Florence craft guilds apprenticeships, Dr. Dugar studied under Dr. Raj Kanodia, Dr. Raj Kanodia studied under Dr. Morey Parkes. Dr. Morey Parkes studied under Dr. Howard Diamond, Dr. Howard Diamond studied under Dr. Irving Goldman, Dr. Irving Goldman studied under Dr. Jacques Joseph. This chain of mentorship creates condensed bottom-up learning where the apprentices spend thousands of hours solving problems in an expectation of excellence. It creates legendary surgeons who achieve the highest levels of mastery due to their mentorship environmental demands.


Toyota is widely considered one of the most successful car brands in the world especially in the realm of long lasting vehicles and safety. The success of Toyota may be attributed to its culture of Kaizen which is Japanese for “continuous improvement.” Every single employee of Toyota (even the janitors) have the authority to halt the entire production line if they spot a problem. Each factory has emergency pull cords on the factory floor that any employee can pull once they identify an issue. These issues are usually small tweaks but these small tweaks make all the difference in the world in their production value. One of Toyota’s factories in Kentucky has a large sign above the door that says, “When something goes wrong, ask WHY five times.”

Similarly, Dr. Deepak Dugar continues to strive to constantly improve the techniques of the Beverly Hills Rhinoplasty Center™. He is constantly innovating his surgical process and collaborating with surgeon colleagues around the world to identify new technologies and methods that can help his patients even more. We respect the trust and respect our patients give us by choosing us as their surgeon. In this respect, we owe it to our patients to constantly innovate and improve to create a product as functional and impactful as it is beautiful.

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Face of a female patient who will undergo red carpet laser facial being examined by a top plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills
Face of a female patient who will undergo red carpet laser facial being examined by a top plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills


“Often, I will tell patients, ‘your nose looks great with your face. Don’t touch it!’ This might sound shocking from a nose surgeon, but I believe in integrity over operating. Not everyone needs surgery. And of those who do, not everyone qualifies for a scarless nose surgery (i.e. some severe revision cases or reconstructive cases). I am brutally honest with my nasal assessment, so rest assured if you are accepted as a Scarless Nose patient, it is because I am passionate and excited about the result I will deliver for you. “

– Dr. Deepak Dugar


“The only thing I get accused of is doing too little to a nose; and I’m totally okay with that. This accusation happens rarely but when it does, I’ll be the first to admit I’m Mr. Conservative with my scarless noses. I do noses day in and day out, so I have learned that conservatism is the safest route for natural, long lasting results that both patients and I are thrilled with for years to come.”

– Dr. Deepak Dugar
Dr Deepak Dugar - Best Nose Surgeon in California

The Five Things I Hate

About Rhinoplasty

1. Unnecessary external cuts and scars (99% of surgeons perform “open” rhinoplasty inflicting a scar at the base of the nose)
2. Pinched Nasal Tip (when too much cartilage is removed and/or no support is provided causing a collapse of the tip)
3. “Ski Slope” Profile (when too much cartilage and bone is removed from the profile causing a severe scooping of the nose)
4. “Miss Piggy” Nose (when the tip is lifted too much)
5. Worsened or Unimproved Breathing (when nasal breathing and structural function of the septum, turbinates and nasal vales are not adequately addressed)

These five things are constantly in my mind during every consultation and every surgery. This is where being the only surgeon in the USA whose entire surgical practice is dedicated to Scarless Rhinoplasty allows a superior advantage of finding the perfect delicate balance of meaningful refinement to a nose without drastic uncomfortable change. Natural noses are mandatory in my practice.

Dr. Deepak Dugar is a highly sought after Teacher and National Lecturer on the Topics of Closed Rhinoplasty (with his Scarless Nose™ technique) and Facial Rejuvenation with Injectables (Dermal Fillers and Botox). Watch now to learn more about his personalized concepts that he teaches to doctors around the world.