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Scarless Nose

Arineh V.

Rhinoplasty/Septoplasty: Background: I broke my nose when I was younger but I never addressed the residual issues. I not only had blockages on both sides of my nose but it was crooked too! Boo. Fast forward to now(ish)… The process: I met with Dr. Dugar and discussed my nose and I felt like he totally got it! First of all, I wanted to breathe through both my nostrils (yay!), and secondly, I wanted to take care of the bump and refine my nose a bit. Dr. Dugar with his expertise was able to make subtle changes so I still look like me… just more refined. This is his mantra and my sentiments. The whole office staff was super nice – honestly, what a great team! I felt informed and come surgery day, felt totally comfortable in Dr. Dugar’s hands. Post-surgery, the staff and Dr. Dugar checked-in with me several times to make sure all was okay and to schedule post-op appointments. What a pleasant surprise! The first question that people ask – what about the pain? There was absolutely no pain. I am serious when I say this – no pain! There was some discomfort with the packing on the first two days but it wasn’t so bad and it was short-lived (read: caught up on Netflix). Conclusion: Dr. Dugar not only met but EXCEEDED my expectations with my rhinoplasty/septoplasty. He is one of the very few who performs scarless nose rhinoplasty and does it well! No scars! I highly recommend Dr. Dugar’s office.


Dr. Deepak Dugar

Director of Beverly Hills Rhinoplasty Center - Home of the Scarless Nose™ (Closed Rhinoplasty) Director of Scarless Med Spa