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Scarless Nose

Deepak Dugar, Your #1 Celebrity Rhinoplasty Surgeon in Los Angeles

Why stars rely on celebrity plastic surgeons

Celebrities may live in mansions and drive luxury cars, but they’re like us in more ways than you think. Case in point: many of them are also insecure about their noses.

To be a star means to be in the spotlight and that often means their looks are scrutinized at every turn. With the nose playing such a central role in one’s look, it’s hardly surprising that many celebrities opt to have theirs enhanced by celebrity plastic surgeons.

Keep reading to understand how Dr. Dugar can help celebrity clients such as yourself.

What makes for great and natural-looking rhinoplasty?

The challenge with nose jobs is that they’re very easy to overdo and thereby change a client’s entire look. In fact, there are many cases of rhinoplasties gone wrong where the celebrities are rendered virtually unrecognizable. And if your calling card is your appearance, this can have detrimental effects on your career, so you must research celebrity plastic surgeons carefully.

As one of the top celebrity plastic surgeons of Beverly Hills, Dr. Dugar’s goal is to create results that noticeably improve clients’ looks without making it obvious that they went under the knife. This is made possible by his expertise in the Scarless Nose™️ technique, wherein all incisions are done inside the nose thereby leaving no tell-tale external scars. He stands in stark contrast to the vast majority of celebrity rhinoplasty surgeons in Los Angeles who have no qualms about using techniques that leave a scar at the base of the nose.

Moreover, he studied the most beautiful noses in the world for years to hone his aesthetic eye, allowing him to craft noses that look natural and untouched. With each millimeter of bone and cartilage he painstakingly shaves off, he reveals the true beauty of a client’s nose—just like a sculptor revealing the masterpiece hidden in the marble. This is what sets him apart from other celebrity plastic surgeons in the area.

Dr. Dugar’s celebrity clients

Dr. Dugar’s expertise in scarless nose jobs has made him the preferred surgeon of many celebrity clients, including media personality and activist Mia Khalifa.

The influencer currently has over 23 million followers on Instagram and 20 million on TikTok. Born in Lebanon, she was looking for a plastic surgeon who can enhance her nose’s profile while preserving its heritage. After researching various celebrity plastic surgeons she chose Dr. Dugar, who has performed many nose jobs on people of Middle Eastern descent.

According to Mia: “I am so tied to my Lebanese heritage. Most people in my family also have this nose—it’s just that most of the men do, and it just doesn’t look ‘correct’ on me. I don’t want to lose it fully, I just want to make it a little bit more feminine and make it fit my face more so it’s not the first thing people see.”

After careful consultation with Dr. Dugar, she underwent Scarless Nose™️ rhinoplasty, which was a resounding success.

Mia had nothing but positive words for the results: “I’ve wanted this since I was 12. But it still looks like my family’s nose—I love it! You crafted and molded my nose, you’re Michelangelo!”

She adds that: “I would have never been able to picture this in my wildest dreams. But as soon I saw it, [I knew] this was the nose I was supposed to be born with.”

Likewise, she was all praises for one of the top celebrity rhinoplasty surgeons in Los Angeles: “Thank you so much [to Dr. Dugar] for being patient with me every step of the way throughout this entire journey and for making me feel infinitely comfortable. You changed my life!”

Other notable clients

As Dr. Dugar is one of the best celebrity rhinoplasty surgeons in Los Angeles, Mia Khalifa is far from the only notable client he has handled. Here’s a quick look at the other celebs who have entrusted their rhinoplasty to him:

Madi Monroe - non surgical rhinoplasty patient

Madi Monroe
Activist & influencer
Followers: 4 million on Instagram | 15 million on TikTok

Madi has suffered from breathing issues for years and approached Dr. Dugar to help fix it.

“I had the worst deviated septum, I literally could not breathe. I slept with my mouth open every night.”

After her surgery, Madi was thrilled by the results, exclaiming: “It looks so good! It’s perfect!”

Daniella Monet - closed rhinoplasty tip refinement patient

Daniella Monet
Followers: 4 million on Instagram

Daniella Monet has appeared on hit sitcoms like American Dreams, The Bernie Mac Show, and 8 Simple Rules. She is also a prominent vlogger who shares content about motherhood and the vegan lifestyle.

As she proclaimed on an Instagram post: “I can’t say enough good things about [Dr. Dugar] and my entire experience.”

Simmi Singh - closed rhinoplasty bulbous tip patient

Simmi Singh
Followers: 1 million on YouTube

Simmi gave her audience a behind-the-scenes look at her nose job by vlogging about her experience on YouTube. Her procedure was prompted by breathing issues, which have plagued her for three years.

After the procedure, she said: “When I came in for my first visit I felt very comfortable because he wasn’t pushy. I made the decision to do what I wanted to do, which was two years in the making. There are no words to describe [the results] besides ‘incredible.’”

Why Dr. Deepak Dugar is the #1 Celebrity Rhinoplasty Surgeon?

Beverly Hills is often called the plastic surgery capital of the world given the sheer number of doctors that offer this procedure. But when it comes to the celebrity plastic surgeons of Beverly Hills, Dr. Dugar is the go-to expert that A-list celebrities, elite athletes, and supermodels trust. And given his credentials, it’s not hard to see why.

He is a product of the highly competitive seven-year combined medical program at The George Washington University. He furthered his training at the University of North Carolina where he was recognized as the most promising intern. To master the craft of Scarless Nose™️ rhinoplasty, he undertook postgraduate training under leading practitioner Dr. Raj Kanodia.

He has earned acclaim since starting his own practice and quickly became one of the elite celebrity plastic surgeons of Beverly Hills. In fact, the National Academy of Plastic Surgeons ranked him as one of the top 10 cosmetic surgeons in the country. He is also a member of prestigious organizations such as the American Academy of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery and the American Board of Otolaryngology.

Dr. Dugar is one of the few board-certified celebrity plastic surgeons who exclusively practices the Scarless Nose™️ technique. As such, he is often invited as a resource person on media outlets such as Men’s Health, Radar, Reader’s Digest, and Voyage LA. He has also guested on shows such as The Doctors, Entertainment Tonight, and E! News.

Getting natural-looking results from celebrity plastic surgeons of Beverly Hills

Dr. Dugar’s goal for every patient is the same: to perform rhinoplasty that never looks obvious and does not inflict permanent scars. In short, your procedure should be a secret between you and your surgeon.

And as you can see in these reviews, his clients have only the highest praise for him:

Dr. Dugar is a skilled surgeon in the cosmetic surgery industry. He cares about his patients, and he takes the time to get to know their needs and desires. Thanks for the awesome results. I love my new enhancement. Exceptional customer service!
—Nancy J.M.

I went in for consultation this morning and it went great! Dr. Dugar and his staff were very welcoming and friendly. He had the same vision that I had for my nose, and even told me I had a deviated septum which I never knew I had!
—Cesar G.

I typically never write reviews, but this was the best experience I have ever had with any doctor’s office. Dr. Dugar and his entire staff were amazing. They called me every day to check on me, Dr. Dugar himself even called me, and the nurse was so great when I was waking up. The process to get the nose that I wanted was so easy, and I have recommended everyone I know to go to them!
—Jason R.

Dr. Dugar and his staff are so great! They are very attentive, personable, and really listen! I felt so comfortable every time I went there and Dr. Dugar has the best bedside manner.
—Sonya S.

What separates Dr. Dugar from other celebrity plastic surgeons of Beverly Hills is his extensive experience in performing rhinoplasty on clients from different backgrounds, including:

Female scarless rhinoplasty

Female scarless rhinoplasty patient

Male scarless rhinoplasty

Male bulbous tip rhinoplasty patient

Teenage scarless rhinoplasty

Teenage bulbous nose job patient

Asian scarless rhinoplasty

Asian scarless rhinoplasty patient

Ethnic scarless rhinoplasty

Ethnic scarless rhinoplasty patient

Russian scarless rhinoplasty

Russian closed rhinoplasty patient

European scarless rhinoplasty

European scarless rhinoplasty patient

Middle Eastern scarless rhinoplasty

Middle Eastern scarless rhinoplasty patient

Indian/South Asian scarless rhinoplasty

Indian or South Asian nonsurgical rhinoplasty patient

Are you a good candidate for a nose job?

Scarless Nose™️ rhinoplasty is ideal for the vast majority of patients that come to Dr. Dugar’s clinic. It is especially suited for primary noses, which have never been operated on. That said, Dr. Dugar also performs revision rhinoplasty, wherein he improves the nose jobs performed by other celebrity plastic surgeons of Beverly Hills.

To help you know if you’re a good candidate for a nose job and to allow you to visualize the potential results, we’ve created this handy tool.

Work with one of the leading celebrity plastic surgeons of Beverly Hills!

If you’re looking for celebrity plastic surgeons who care about enhancing your looks as much as you do, don’t hesitate to book a consultation with Dr. Dugar. Given his mastery of Scarless Nose™️ rhinoplasty, you are guaranteed to have a scar-free and natural-looking nose. With his skilled hands and refined eye, he can help you achieve the perfect nose you’ve always wanted—elegant and aesthetic from any angle.

For your convenience, you can schedule an online consultation here. You may also contact his clinic by calling 310.276.1703 or by emailing info(at)scarlessnose(dotted)com.


Dr. Deepak Dugar

Director of Beverly Hills Rhinoplasty Center - Home of the Scarless Nose™ (Closed Rhinoplasty) Director of Scarless Med Spa

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