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Scarless Nose

How to Enhance Your Beauty with Natural Looking Rhinoplasty

It’s often said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But what if you, as the beholder, are less than satisfied with what you see in a part of your body — particularly the nose? This situation is quite common for a number of people.

With the nose’s prominent location right at the center of our face, its size and shape can have a certain effect on our overall appearance. And as with your other facial features, you would want your nose to enhance your natural beauty, not detract from it.

This dilemma is what natural rhinoplasty typically addresses. Commonly referred to as a “nose job”, natural rhinoplasty as performed by Dr. Deepak Dugar is a safe, scarless, and highly precise way to improve the appearance of your nose.

In this in-depth article, we’ll take a closer look at what natural rhinoplasty is all about to help you decide if it’s the right procedure for you.

What is natural rhinoplasty?

Natural rhinoplasty, when done right, achieves a look that is in harmony with all your facial features, based on your ethnicity, gender, and natural anatomy. It feels and breathes naturally, with no unusual contours or hardness.

Any structural modifications are made such that the natural integrity of the nose is preserved. This ensures the structure will remain stable throughout your lifetime, and allow you to breathe as well – or even better – than before. In that sense, a natural rhinoplasty can also be called a natural nose job.

“Natural” is key to the procedure. At Beverly Hills Rhinoplasty Center, Dr. Dugar aims for harmony over perfection. Contrary to what many believe, the goal isn’t to create the “perfect” nose, which is an unrealistic way to go about plastic surgeries in general.

Instead, Dr. Dugar aims to create harmony with your existing facial features. Your new nose will never look or feel out of place in relation to other parts of your face.

Reasons why people undergo natural rhinoplasty

There are several reasons why people seek out natural rhinoplasty or a natural nose job. Many people enter the consultation specifically seeking out a natural looking nose job, and the main reason is that they are unhappy with the size, shape, or appearance of the nose, but they do not want drastic change. Dr. Dugar’s specialty Scarless Nose procedure is the best option to ensure a natural rhinoplasty But there are also those who choose to go this path for the following reasons:

  • To remedy nose damage that may have come from an injury

  • To rectify nose defects present since birth

  • To improve breathing and avoid nasal congestion (a common reason for many athletes)

  • To correct an ineffective or failed rhinoplasty operation performed by a less skilled surgeon

Common questions about natural rhinoplasty

In seeking a nose job, the majority of patients often raise questions about how to find a doctor that performs natural looking rhinoplasty procedures. The best advice that Dr. Dugar gives to all of his patients is to look at real patients’ “before” and “after”. Ask to see more options than what is offered on the website. This way, you can see noses that are similar to yours and how the surgeon operated to achieve a natural look.

During the consultation, it is also helpful to describe exactly what natural means to you. Everyone is different, every nose is different, and everyone has a different perception of what a “natural nose” is. Be as specific as possible when describing what natural means for you and what exactly is your dream natural rhinoplasty.

An overview of the procedure

A plastic surgeon examining a nose of a female patient after closed rhinoplasty

Through precise incisions and careful sculpting, natural rhinoplasty modifies your nose’s underlying structure, and consequently, its appearance. The affected parts of the nose include:

  • Nasal tissue

  • The nasal bone

  • The cartilage, specifically the upper lateral cartilage (middle portion of the nose) and lower lateral cartilage (close to the nostrils)

Prior to surgery, you will be given anesthesia to make sure you’re asleep or comfortable throughout the procedure depending on which type of anesthesia you will be given. During consultation, Dr. Dugar will talk you through which type of anesthesia (local or general) may be the right one for you.

Making precise and scarless incisions

In this phase, surgeons have two approaches at their disposal to expose the inner structure of the nose and implement the needed changes. There’s the open procedure and the closed procedure.

A vast majority of practitioners resort to the former, where openings and cuts are made externally. This typically results in scars that stay on long after the operation.

Dr. Dugar performs natural rhinoplasty or Scarless Rhinoplasty that adheres to the closed procedure. In a closed procedure, incisions are made inside the nose to ensure that there are no visible scars, and the most natural-looking results are achieved.

Delicate nose reshaping, improvement of airflow through nostrils

Since noses come in all shapes and sizes and each patient’s circumstances are unique, Dr. Dugar takes a bespoke and delicate approach for every case. Below are a few examples that may take place:

  • With patients who have an exceedingly large or bulbous nose, excess cartilage may be strategically removed.

  • In some patients, a deviated septum may be the issue. This occurs when the nasal septum, the thin wall of cartilage that separates the two nostrils, is crooked or misaligned. With a deviated septum, breathing difficulties, nosebleeds, or facial pain can manifest. The nasal septum can be corrected to a normal position without compromising the overall appearance and functionality of the nose.

Wrapping up the procedure

This phase includes closing the internal incisions so no cuts or scars are created and the nose is returned to its normal state — albeit in a better, more enhanced condition.

There’s no rush in concluding a natural rhinoplasty operation. The utmost care and attention to detail is observed to ensure that the outcome is natural to your anatomy and facial symmetry.

How Dr. Deepak Dugar’s natural rhinoplasty can enhance your beauty naturally

Dr. Dugar’s specific technique of natural rhinoplasty has several unique aspects that make it an excellent solution for patients seeking to enhance their appearance.

  • Preservation of natural anatomical position

Some surgeons overly rely on nose tip grafts, resulting in a sharp nose. Excessive reduction of cartilage can also result in nasal asymmetry, or an imbalance in the appearance of the nose. An essential aspect of Dr. Dugar’s natural rhinoplasty procedure is to minimize nose tip grafts and keep enough cartilage to maintain the normal anatomical position of the nose and minimize nasal asymmetry.

  • Averting excess nostril show

Excess nostril show happens when the tip of the nose is lifted too much or overly rotated upwards, resulting in a “Miss Piggy ” effect. In some cases, it is normal for postoperative swelling to temporarily cause a small degree of nostril show. Dr. Dugar’s natural rhinoplasty approach utilizes several maneuvers to avoid this effect and provide an elegant look.

  • Prioritizing scar prevention

The internal incisions made on a closed procedure heal faster than external incisions. Additionally, since no incisions are made in the skin, but made in the mucosa, the process leaves little opportunity for scars to develop.

  • Maintaining structural integrity

As previously mentioned, a high level of technique is employed in natural rhinoplasty or a natural nose job to keep the structure of your new nose highly stable throughout your life. There is no attempt to alter the natural integrity which is already present.

Tips on how to achieve a natural looking nose job

At the hands of an expert and experienced rhinoplasty surgeon like Dr. Deepak Dugar, you can be assured of a high quality nose job preceded by careful study and preparation. However, you can also do some things on your own to make sure your expectations are aligned with what the procedure can actually achieve for you.

  • Understand facial aesthetics

It’s important to have a cosmetic goal that your doctor can use as reference in drawing up a plan for the surgery. Having a good understanding of facial aesthetics can help you determine the changes that would be right for you. Keep in mind that the goal of natural rhinoplasty is an aesthetically pleasant nose that blends in with the rest of your face. Perhaps you can look at photos of people with similar facial features and ethnicity as you, and identify a few that you would consider ideal.

  • Go through the surgeon’s before and after photos

One way to tell if a plastic surgeon is the right one for you is to go through their before and after photos. Review these carefully to see if their work aligns with your goals, and if you’re satisfied with the final outcomes. In particular, pay close attention to facial features and “before” noses that are closely similar to yours.

  • Discuss goals and expectations with your rhinoplasty surgeon

This is an opportunity to define your cosmetic goals and allow both you and your doctor to better understand how to achieve it. Use this time to learn a good deal about the anatomy of the nose, nose-face correlation, and rhinoplasties in general. Raise questions about any aspect of the procedure that may be unclear to you.

  • Undergo physical examination

To gain a deeper understanding of your nose’s unique anatomy, it’s standard practice for Dr. Dugar to conduct a thorough physical examination. Since there is no one-size-fits-all solution, he will carefully assess the make-up of your nose, skin thickness, and cartilage strength to determine the possibility and means of achieving your intended changes.

Dos and Don’ts for a Successful Natural Rhinoplasty

To achieve the best results without any uncomfortable complications, there are a number of pre-surgery preparations that need to be done.

One month before surgery:

  • Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking

    This must be done at least a month before the procedure. Alcohol can linger in the body’s system for long periods and prevent the body’s natural healing mechanism to function optimally. Similarly, nicotine reduces blood flow and delays the healing process of surgical wounds.

Two weeks before surgery:

  • Limit your sun exposure

    The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays can break down human skin cells. That can have an effect on your post-operation recovery even though the exposure was two weeks prior. Be conscious about sun exposure when you’re going about your daily routines. As a precaution, put on facial sunscreen (at least SPF 30) every time you leave your home.

  • Avoid certain medications

    Drugs to avoid include those containing ibuprofen, naproxen and aspirin, as well as herbal remedies and over-the-counter supplements. Prior to the surgery, it’s highly important to disclose to your surgeon any medication you may be regularly taking.

  • Pause your coffee intake

    Patients must avoid caffeine for at least two weeks. While it is a natural stimulant, caffeine has been observed to increase blood pressure and cause complications that can compromise surgical success.

  • Make arrangements for a friend or family member to pick you up

    You will not be allowed to drive by yourself post-surgery as you need all the rest you can possibly get. Additionally, the person you assign this responsibility should also look after you for at least 24 hours after the procedure. You legally need someone to watch you for the first 24 hours after general anesthesia.

  • Avoid food and drinks

    For at least 12 hours before your surgery, you shouldn’t eat or drink anything, including water. The purpose is to avoid any complications from general anesthesia, which works best on an empty stomach.

After your natural rhinoplasty or natural nose job, there is a heavy emphasis on proper recovery and healing. This phase is crucial in achieving a natural-looking nose after surgery.

Recuperating sufficiently will also allow you to return to most of your usual routines as soon as possible. Most patients can start doing this after one or two weeks. Below are several recovery tips that apply in most cases.

Within 24 to 48 hours post-surgery:

  • Bed rest

    The first 24 hours after your surgery should be spent entirely in bed, with your head elevated to keep pain and swelling at a minimum. Each case is different and some patients may experience a bit more post-surgery pain than usual. In such cases, Dr. Dugar may recommend a small dosage of Tylenol.

  • Exercise caution when brushing teeth

    Use a soft toothbrush to brush the deeper regions of your teeth. Avoid brushing your front teeth for the time being. The muscles that control your upper lip and nose are connected and you may experience some pain when exerting yourself in this area. Patients usually revert back to normal brushing after two days.

Within one to two weeks post-surgery:

  • Don’t disturb your nasal cast

    It’s normal to put a nasal cast and other internal dressings on your recovering nose. Keep your nasal cast dry and intact. After five to seven days, Dr. Dugar usually recommends removing the cast.

  • Avoid chew-intensive food

    Similar to brushing your teeth, you’ll want to minimize highly animated facial movements for about a week. Food that is difficult to chew may increase pain and swelling. Hot or spicy food should also be avoided. Stick to soft and cool food in the meantime.

  • Don’t blow hard through your nose

    While the occasional gentle sniff is safe, blowing hard through your recovering nose exerts unnecessary pressure which can affect proper recovery. If you must let out a sneeze, open your mouth while doing it to divert excess pressure from the nasal region.

Within six weeks post-surgery:

  • Don’t let heavy reading or sunglasses rest on your nose bridge

    There’s a chance of disrupting the recovery of your new nose, which can still be quite tender at this stage. Dr. Dugar highly recommends wearing lightweight and thinly-framed glasses, but only if there is no pain or discomfort felt when doing so. Alternatively, contact lenses are permissible.

  • Keep away from direct sun exposure

    As discussed above, prolonged exposure to UV rays can extend or complicate your recovery. For a minimum of six weeks, avoid direct and extended sun exposure. Make sure to always apply sunscreen when going out in the open. Wearing hats or any appropriate headgear is also advisable.

  • Don’t do strenuous physical activities

    cause unnecessary bleeding and swelling to occur. Some patients may gradually resume light aerobic exercise like walking after the third week, but others typically need more time.

What happens in the succeeding months after the operation?

While you can resume most — if not all — of your normal activities within a matter of weeks, the final result often doesn’t fully show until after several months or years.

This is normal in natural rhinoplasty. Your nose will need a bit more time to settle into its new shape and contours. After about a year or two, it’s safe to say that your new nose has achieved its final and permanent form.

Why seek Dr. Deepak Dugar’s expertise in natural rhinoplasty?

the best plastic surgeon in california, Dr Deepak Dugar

There are quite a few plastic surgeons to choose from in Beverly Hills. However, you’d be hard-pressed to find a practitioner who regards natural rhinoplasty both as a complex feat of medicine and a delicate art form. Dr. Deepak Dugar recognizes the dual nature of this intricate operation and has spent his entire career mastering it.

His journey into the world of cosmetic surgery started in 2006, when he was in The George Washington University pursuing the prestigious 7-year B.A./M.D. combined medical program. Throughout that time he was consistently in the top 2% of his class.

In 2010, he went on to join a small group of high-achieving interns in the elite Facial Plastic Surgery Program at The University of North Carolina (UNC). During his stay in UNC, he was recognized as the “Best Plastic Surgery Intern of the Year.”

Shortly after graduating and securing a board certification, Dr. Dugar earned an incredibly rare opportunity to join the Advanced Closed Rhinoplasty Fellowship of Dr. Raj Kanodia, a world-renowned practitioner of Scarless Nose™ Surgery. Dr. Dugar is the final legacy fellow to come out from that rigorous program.

Since he began his journey as a cosmetic surgeon, he has regularly sought mentorship and advice from other giants in the field, including Dr. Jean Louis Sebagh, Dr. Bruce Feldman, Dr. Eugene Tardy, Dr. Norman Pastorek, and Dr. Sherrel Aston.

Dr. Dugar has attracted an impressive roster of clients — celebrities, athletes, and models, among others — and has helped them achieve a natural-looking nose that seamlessly blends with their distinctive facial features.

You can go through the Scarless NoseTM experience yourself and work with one of the best rhinoplasty surgeons in the world. To see if a natural rhinoplasty or natural nose job is right for you, schedule a consultation with Dr. Deepak Dugar today through this short appointment form.


Dr. Deepak Dugar

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