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How To Fake A Nose Job With Contouring!

If you’re thinking of getting a nose job, contour your nose with makeup to make it appear slimmer, shorter, or shapelier. Here’s how to fake a nose job with contouring.

Overview about how to Fake a Nose Job with Contouring

Contouring is a popular makeup technique that can help you create your desired nose shape. As with a nose job, contour can make your nose appear smaller or more defined. This technique typically involves foundation, concealer, highlighter, or contour powder that is a few shades darker than your natural complexion. Applying makeup to certain areas of your nose will help you create shadows and change the appearance of your nose. The skillful application of makeup will help you fake a nose job with contouring. 

How To Fake A Nose Job With Contouring

4 tips for the perfect nose contour

  1. To achieve the perfect contour, you will be using cream followed by powder makeup that is at least 3-4 shades darker than your skin color. Cream will help give you defined lines that create symmetry if your nose looks uneven or crooked. The powder will help blend the cream to make it look more natural while creating subtle shadow. Tip* If you only want a minor change, you can skip the cream contour and just do powder.
  2. To ensure that your nose and contour looks symmetrical, have your contour start from the beginning of your brow bone all the way down to the bottom of your nose.
  3. MAKE SURE TO BLEND! There is nothing worse than having an unblended contour, so make sure you are blending all sides of the nose. To achieve a slimmer and pinched nose, it is best to blend inwards, towards the center of the nose. Blending outwards will give you an appearance of a wider nose.
  4. Once you are done blending and the contour looks seamless, you can finish it off by applying concealer along the center of your nose. Go ahead and blend the concealer, making sure you don’t touch the contour. Pro tip* You can apply a gold highlight powder at the tip of your nose and a little along the bridge to give you the illusion of a lifted tip.

Different Nose Contouring Techniques

Small & Short

Using a concealer brush, apply contour cream or powder to the tip of your nose and around your nostrils in a circular motion. Applying contour makeup to the tip of your nose will make it look smaller. Apply highlighter just halfway down the bridge of your nose to make your nose appear shorter.

Long & Narrow

Draw dark lines along the sides of your nose to create the illusion of a slimmer nose. You can also draw a series of dots and smudge them instead of drawing a harsh line.

Then, apply concealer or highlighter on the entire bridge of the nose to make it look longer. Choose a concealer or highlighter that is a few shades lighter than your complexion.

Turned Up

Just like a nose job, contour can create the illusion of an upturned nose. Draw a line just under the tip of your nose. Blend the line upwards to make the tip of your nose look higher and turned upwards.


Apply contouring makeup to add a soft shadow to the peak of the bump of your nose. Then apply highlighter above and below the bump. This will help create the appearance of a more even nose bridge.

Bulbous (Bulbose Nose page can be an internal link here)

Apply contour powder or cream to the top and bottom of your nose. Then, apply highlighter to the center of your nose bridge. This will help balance out the appearance of a bulbous nose.


If you have an asymmetrical nose with an indentation on one side of the center of bridge, apply highlighter to the indentation to help offset any natural shadows.

If you have a crooked or slanted nose, create a straight line of both sides of the bridge. Then, apply highlighter to the middle of the nose. This will help give a crooked nose a more even appearance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does nose contour actually work? 

When done correctly, contouring can help improve the appearance of your nose. But does nose contour actually work? Since makeup washes off eventually, your nose will revert back to its natural appearance when the cream and powder products come off the skin. Contouring does not make any permanent changes to your natural features. And unlike a nose job, contour does not address breathing or structural issues with the nose. Contouring is purely aesthetic and is only temporary.

What can I use instead of nose contour?

Nose contour can help improve the shape and appearance of your nose. However, the effect disappears as soon as your makeup rubs off. If you’re wondering “What can I use instead of nose contour?”, you may want to consider a more permanent solution.

Getting a rhinoplasty can make your nose slimmer, smaller, upturned, or more even, depending on your goals. So instead of contouring your nose with makeup every time, you can get a nose job for a lasting change. You can also get dermal filler to add volume to certain parts of the nose.

Can contouring your nose make it look bigger?

It’s common to contour the nose to make it look smaller. But can contouring your nose make it look bigger? Yes, it certainly can, depending on the technique and application. To make your nose look bigger, apply a darker contouring shade on both sides of the nose. Draw thick lines to make the natural bridge wider and stop at the nostrils. Then, take a highlighter and fill the entire space between the two lines.

How do you contour my nose to make it look thinner?

To make your nose look slimmer, draw lines along the sides of your nose. Make sure to blend them out for a seamless and more natural look. Afterwards, apply highlighter on the bridge of the nose. This is how I contour my nose to make it look thinner.

Does contour look bad in person?

Since it involves several layers of makeup, does contour look bad in person? Contouring can look good in person provided that you choose the right shades and make sure that your makeup is blended properly. If you feel self-conscious with nose contour, use a light hand when applying products. Use the correct techniques when contouring your nose. Always take the natural size and shape of your nose into consideration when contouring. This will help you achieve the desired outcome and have it look natural in person.


If you are interested in making a more permanent change to the size and shape of your nose, visit for more information on Closed Scarless Rhinoplasty and the best plastic surgery in Beverly Hills. Dr. Deepak Dugar is a plastic surgeon to the stars and provides services to clients in Los Angeles.


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