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Is Botox Safe Long Term?

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Are you thinking about getting botox but are asking yourself if botox is safe long term? Botox is an FDA approved drug that works to paralyze muscle nerve endings to stop contracting, thus having numerous beneficial cosmetic and medical effects. But with all that, what are the risks?

The number one complication that could arise from receiving botox, is over-injections causing the droopiness of the muscle or creating a total expressionless look on the face. This is important to note but is only temporary. This can occur from your botox injector administering too much botox, or from injecting the wrong muscle from the micromillimeter away from the right muscle. These complications cause the opposite effect that patients strive for when wanting to get botox. Botox from an experienced injector can cause a muscle to lift upwards, creating a face-lift effect when injected properly. While this is an important lesson to take with you to make sure you receive botox from an experienced doctor, who has the knowledge of all the tiny muscles of the face. The positive of over-receiving botox is: it is not a long term effect. Your body will over time create more nerve endings on the muscles of the face to create muscle contractions once again, and your face will give the same movement and expressions as it did before the botox.

Long-term, botox can cause complete weakness of the muscle area that has been injected for a long period of time. This usually occurs non-cosmetically, but more often in a medical sense, for larger areas of the body that a doctor might administer botox. In addition, botox administered too close to the eye long term can potentially cause irritation to the eye, and possible blood-shot eyes, dryness, or loss of vision. If you experience any eye irritation after your first botox injection, contact your doctor immediately before any long-term effects occur in the future. Finally, the most dangerous long term effect of botox can be the Botulin toxin spreading to other areas of the body, and creating a toxic effect on those body parts. This, like other long-term effects of botox, most commonly occurs when botox is administered to large areas of the body, usually not with cosmetic botox to vanish fine lines.

The toxin Botulin, more commonly known as Botox, has been used safely for years and has shown only long-term effects when irritations occur when Botox is injected in large amounts. If you are thinking about getting botox, but want to speak with a doctor about the potential likeness of contracting any long-term effects, contact us here at the Scarless Med Spa. Dr. Deepak Dugar will help guide you on all your options for how you can safely achieve all your aesthetic goals and needs. Dr. Dugar is beloved by his med spa patients for his gentle hand, he is known for his small amounts of botox injected, low risk for any complications or reactions.

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