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Prom 2019 Checklist

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We created a checklist of how to prepare yourself for your special night! First thing is first, manicure and pedicure need to be done before you buy your dress! Your nails can be an inspiration for the style or color you are looking for. (You can also make this task your last thing to get done so that it matches your dress)

Next is your hair; finding the perfect hairstylist to give you the hair do of your dreams can be a little difficult, we recommend you do some research prior so you are not stuck finding someone last minute or not being able to see them because they could get overbooked! Instagram is a great way to find the perfect hair for your dress!

Third thing on our checklist is a spray tan, which in some cases is optional, depending on the type of weather you are living in. Some states do not have sunny days like we do in California, and in that case some girls do op into getting a spray tan.

This next step is a crucial step! Makeup is very important for pictures and to making it more than an average dance. Makeup makes it more special and intimate! When booking a makeup artist make sure you have done enough research and you can connect with them, so that your look can be flawless and jaw breaking! Find someone who does similar looks that you love. You can also look to friends and siblings for their makeup guidance if you are balling on a budget!

Our fifth “to do” on our checklist is finding the most comfortable shoes. Whether you want to go with a fun high heel or even tennis shoes, the shoes are just as important as the dress! You want to make sure that the shoes match the dress and create a statement, whether that is a comfortable flat or a heel!

Don’t think we forgot about the most important one of them all…your dress! Some girls like to make a statement with their prom dresses and go all out, other girls prefer something more elegant! Whichever one is your preference as stated before, you should look for a dress that you feel good in and is comfortable.

And to top your dress and makeup you will need the perfect accessories! You can combine your beautiful style with an easy small clutch or a cute shoulder purse. Jewelry or no jewelry that is all up to you!

And finally our last step to give you that extra luminous look, at our ScarlessMedSpa™ we offer a variety of facials. The celebrity favorite is our Clear & Brilliant laser, this laser will leave your skin smoother and refreshed! This popular procedure also decreases hyperpigmentation and active acne! Call, text or email us today to book your appointment today.



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