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Should Botox Be Done By a Doctor?

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People all around the globe ask themselves before they make a botox appointment, should botox be done by a doctor? Most clients looking for a facial injector who can administer their botox are faced with many options, Doctors (MDs), Physicians Assistants (PAs), nurse practitioners (NPs), and registered nurses (RNs). All medical professionals with licenses are able to inject botox, only under a doctor’s practice. While botox is priced higher at each level of medical provider you establish care with, it is worth it to pay the extra mile to get the best results with a medical doctor.

Botox should be injected by the most experienced facial injector, and by someone who has the most knowledge about all the muscles and anatomy of the face. While all facial injectors of botox all have the knowledge of the facial muscles, the years of experience and practice knowing the muscles changes from each individual. Registered Nurses (RNs), have to go to school and practice injections for the least amount of years, compared to PAs and MDs. On one hand, RNs and NPs spend most of their time with injections, and administering IVs, but they don’t have years of residency under their belt. PAs are the second most experienced facial injector you can receive care from, compared to Doctors. PA’s have a three-year program with clinical rotations and can own part of medical practice under a doctor’s license in some states. With many years of experience, getting botox injections from an RN, NP, or PA are all respectable professions, but at the end of the day, they are not responsible for patients and liable for all injections under their practice.

Botox should be done by medical doctors (MDs), because they have the most in-depth knowledge of each muscle on the face, giving the botox results patients desire, and avoiding complications that could arise with a less educated medical professional. Some of these complications could include drooping of the muscle where it was intended to pull up, bruising, or over-injection of botox resulting in a “frozen” looking face. In addition to the level of detail and specialized expertise that doctors have, doctors are also the owner of the practice and are responsible for each patient legally, and they will have the most knowledge on what first aid to administer in the slight chance that a patient could have some reaction, or accident when getting botox.

Dr. Deepak Raj Dugar, a celebrity plastic surgeon has patients flying all over the world to receive his expert hand for botox. Dr. Dugar is known for his small baby injections of botox that leave his patients feeling magically younger, with his face-lift effects he can achieve with his light hand. His philosophy when administering botox is that less is more, and he would rather his patients come back in one week for a complimentary touch-up, rather than them complaining that he did too much and their face muscles are frozen and expressionless. Dr. Dugar’s light-handed approach to his entire practice is what makes him so desirable to patients around the globe who agree that somethings should go unnoticed.

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