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What are the 3 Areas for Botox?

What are the three areas for botox? The forehead (frontalis muscles), the frown lines (glabella), and the crow’s feet (Orbicularis Oculi) muscle.

Dr. Deepak Dugar primarily injects these three muscles for the face to look youthful and vibrant, without that over-done and frozen look. Patients come from all over the world to receive Dr. Dugar’s light handed Botox technique, where they will walk out the door still being able to show expressions, but their wrinkles will be smoothed for months to come! Dr. Dugar’s philosophy of his practice, in surgery or in his Med Spa for injectables, is he would rather do not enough, rather than too much. He takes this philosophy into the facial injections of botox, where he uses diluted Botox, with tiny needles to inject baby sized small injections and amounts of botox around the forehead, frown lines, and crow’s feet. Dr. Deepak Dugar stands by his technique of light-handed botox, to fade wrinkles, and give a youthfulness to his patient’s appearance.
When Dr. Dugar’s patients come to his office for a consultation, he asks his patients to raise their forehead, relax their forehead, smile big, relaxed smile, and get angry (furrowed brow), and relax. Hes looking for how strong, and deep these muscles create fine lines, and if those lines are deep and prominent when relaxed. These three muscle groups he is demonstrating in those three expressions, is the frontalis muscles of the forehead, the crow’s feet by the eyes, and the glabella, or frown lines when getting mad. These muscle groups show signs of fine lines and wrinkles first in life, and he has recommendations for when to get Botox for patients of all ages. He has patients 35-85 coming in for maintenance and youthful effects of Botox on their wrinkles, and has patients 25-35 coming in for preventative botox, to smooth fine lines before creating deep wrinkles with age.
Dr. Deepak Dugar gives his patients that youthful, age-defying glow by using a small amount of diluted botox, to the right areas of muscles to give a lifting effect. Receiving Botox from not only a skilled, and experienced injector, but by a medical doctor is the most important to receive the benefits of botox. Being injected by a medical doctor, or better yet a plastic surgeon is the best for low risk, and high reward. An inexperienced injector can accidentally provide patients’ with the opposite effects, a heavy injection of botox, or injection in the wrong muscle can cause a pull-down effect on the face. Where a small amount of Botox in the right muscle, can actually give the look of a small face lift with Botox. Dr. Deepak Dugar has over 13 years of experience injecting his patients with botox, and providing then the results they desire.
Botox effects can be seen in 5-7 days post receiving the Botox injections. This is because the botox takes a couple of days to cause the muscles injected to relax and thus show less wrinkles on the face. Dr. Dugar’s philosophy; better to under-do than to over-do, is to allow him to understand his patients’ anatomy, and tells them they can come in for a small touch-up in a week if they feel like he didn’t do enough, free of charge.

Dr. Deepak Dugar would love to discuss the three most popular muscles for Botox, and other muscle areas that would benefit from Botox, during a consultation with him. Below you will find our website, where you can click the gold calendar icon and book a Med Spa consultation with Dr. Dugar. Dr. Dugar charges per muscle, and the first area is $300, and every subsequent muscle after that is $200. So for the three muscle botox, it would be a total of $700. Contact us below to learn more about Dr. Dugar, and booking a Scarless Med Spa appointment!

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