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Scarless Nose

What is a nose job?

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Have you heard of the term nose job and wonder what the definition was? Or are you looking into getting a nose job and want to learn more about the different approaches?

What is a nose job? Dr. Deepak Raj Dugar, M.D.’s nose job is a surgical procedure where he makes small cuts inside of the nostrils to finesse the appearance of the nose, and provide his patients with their dream nose, leaving no scars on the outside of the nose after the surgery. The correct scientific term for a nose job is called a Rhinoplasty, and Dr. Dugar has dedicated his whole plastic surgery practice to his Closed Scarless Rhinoplasty. During Dr. Dugar’s rhinoplasty surgeries, he skillfully removes bone and cartilage from the nose to give his patients their desired outcomes for their nose.

A nose job by a surgeon can be performed by either Closed Rhinoplasty or Open Rhinoplasty. Open Rhinoplasty makes a small cut at the base of the nose, and pulls the skin of the nose off from the tip and surgeons work on the nose that way; with the nose open. With closed rhinoplasty, surgeons like Dr. Dugar make small cuts inside the nostrils and work on the nose from inside the nostrils. Dr. Dugar is able to work between the skin on the cartilage and bone with the nose closed. The major difference between open rhinoplasty and closed rhinoplasty to be noted, is that open is reconstructive, and in the end the patient has a scar at the bottom outer nose. On the other hand, closed Rhinoplasty creates no scar on the outer nose of the patient in the long run, but is more about refining the patient’s nose to achieve a better version of the patient’s own beauty.

Not everyone is a great candidate for Closed Scarless Rhinoplasty, to see if you are a great candidate for Dr. Dugar’s closed Scarless nose job, call us at (310)276-1703, or email us at info(at)scarlessnose(dotted)com to book your consultation appointment. If you are interested in seeing before and after examples of noses similar to yours, you can see photos of a few great examples of Dr. Dugar’s closed scarless rhinoplasty surgical outcomes of real patients. Dr. Dugar’s consultation fee costs $200, that is non-refundable, but that can be applied towards your overall surgery price if you do qualify. During your consultation, Dr. Dugar will evaluate your internal and external nose and discuss all your options on how to achieve your goals for your nose.

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