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Should Botox Be Done By a Doctor?

Should Botox Be Done By a Doctor? With many options of what medical profession to go to can be overwhelming, we will explain why you should choose a medical doctor for botox injections.

Nov 25th, 2020
What is the Best Botox to Use?

Have you even wondered what the differences between the Botox brands are? If so, check out this blog to see which is the best and how they are different!

Nov 24th, 2020
What is a nose job?

Have you heard of the term nose job and wonder what the definition was? Are you looking into getting a nose job and want to learn more about the different approaches? Dr. Deepak Dugar focuses 100% of his surgical practice on nose jobs; Closed Rhinoplasty

Nov 13th, 2020
What is Preventative Botox?

Patients who are looking for the best plastic surgeons in the world should look to the city with the highest volume of procedures done in the world; Beverly Hills. Dr. Dugar is the top world leader in rhinoplasty, as well as leading facial injector.

Nov 5th, 2020
Zoom Dysmorphia

Why people are getting plastic surgery to look like filters and to alter what they are staring at in the little Zoom box!

Nov 2nd, 2020
The New Reality for Hollywood

Hollywood and production across the globe has had a huge hit due to the coronavirus pandemic. Entirely new regulations and rules have been set up for the entire cast and crew. Take a look to see what the new Hollywood looks like!

Oct 22nd, 2020
Best Photo Editing Apps for Instagram

Finding the best aesthetic for your Instagram grid is so important for your IG theme! Check out what all the young influencers rate the top 5 editing apps for your Instagram!

Sep 21st, 2020
LockDown Meltdown: The Panic for Plastic Surgery

The Financial Times is an international newspaper that provides updates on the worlds leading business and economic topics. In this particular article they explain the correlation between Pandemic living and the increase of plastic surgery. Click to learn!

Sep 18th, 2020
Jawline Facial Filler by Dr. Deepak Dugar MD

Sometimes subtle enhancements can make the biggest changes in your overall appearance and symmetry. Many patients are now opting for filler to achieve a more defined jawline and improve facial harmony. Click here to find out more!

Jun 15th, 2020
Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon in California - Deepak Raj Dugar MD

Choosing the right plastic surgeon for your nose job is an important decision. You can trust that you and your nose will be in the right hands with the best rhinoplasty surgeon in California, Dr. Deepak Dugar, MD at Beverly Hills Rhinoplasty Center.

May 17th, 2020
At Home Quarantine Workouts

Need some ideas of home workouts you can do in your living room during social isolation? We will discuss some easy and fun to do workouts that will get your heart rate up and your stress levels low.

May 15th, 2020
DIY Lip Balm

Stuck at home because of quarantine? Do you have dry lips that no chapstick seems to help? These DIY lip balms you can make at home are so hydrating, simple, and cost-effective to make!

Apr 20th, 2020
DIY Face Mask For Acne

Are you breaking out? Do you need an acne remedy you can make with ingredients you have at home? Luckily, you can go into your pantry and grab anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial items like Apple cider vinegar, cinnamon, honey, and lemon to fight acne!

Apr 14th, 2020
How To Book An Online Consultation

How to book an online rhinoplasty consultation with Dr. Dugar? Follow these simple steps for your Nose consultation with Dr. Dugar, Beverly Hills Rhinoplasty Center.

Apr 11th, 2020
Top Books to Read in March 2020

Every month, our staff comes up with the best books to read for that particular month! If you are not a reader, these three options are the best to spark your interest in reading!

Mar 5th, 2020
Are Coachella and Stagecoach 2020 Cancelled?

Rumors are starting that the Coronavirus may affect our lives more in the upcoming months in California. As more and more cities are being infected, could Coachella and Stagecoach be cancelled?

Mar 2nd, 2020
Best Food Trucks in Los Angeles

Click here to find out 5 of the best Food Trucks ranging from bagels to BBQ. Food trucks are still the most creative and fun finds of them all!

Feb 26th, 2020
Concert Series June 2020

It is never too early to be looking at concert tickets! Music brings people together all over the world for their favorite artists or genre! If you are already anticipating the concert blues after Coachella and Stagecoach, click here to find your next one!

Feb 24th, 2020
Best Farmer's Markets in Los Angeles!

Farmers Markets are great for a low key weekend! They are filled with good local produce, local businesses, and even some fun gift ideas! If you are looking for some beautiful and fun Farmer's Markets, look no further!

Feb 10th, 2020
Best Books to Read in February 2020

Is the new year already in a slump? Are you looking for more engaging ways to brighten your life! Books and imagination are a great way to do that! Click to see three books great for all ages!

Feb 7th, 2020
Best Holiday Movies!

Tis the season! The best way to get ready for the Holiday season is watching your favorite Holiday movies. Here are a list of our favorites!

Nov 30th, 2019
Best Treatments to Get Ready for the Holiday Season

'Tis the Season to Treat your self! Many of our patients come in for the Holiday season! It is the perfect time because many have time off from work and school! Click to find out the most popular treatments to get ready for your Holiday Season!

Nov 24th, 2019
Try some stuffed Peppers!

Bell peppers, which are very low in calories (as they are 92% water), are packed with many antioxidants such as vitamin C. Vitamin C Is often implemented in skincare to brighten and add color to the skin.

Oct 30th, 2019
Skin Benefits of Olive Oil

Olive oil is absolutely delicious on your food, as well as, in your hair or even on your skin! The benefits of olive oil for your skin are endless, but here are a few of the key perks and some tips.

Oct 30th, 2019
Benefits of Butternut Squash

Happy October! In honor of the fall season I'd like to share some of the benefits of eating such a delicious vegetable, as well as a tasteful recipe

Oct 9th, 2019
Top 5 Things to Do in LA this weekend!

Hello everyone! We know that LA has so many amazing things to offer, so we decided to sift through them and highlight the top 5 things to do this particular weekend! Click to find out what to do!

Sep 20th, 2019
Why Exercise Doesn't Always Mean Weight Loss

Many people eat whatever they want and work out extremely hard to keep the weight off. While that may work for some people, that doesn't work for many. Click here to find out why.

Sep 19th, 2019
3 Best Free Workout Apps

Everyone loves the idea of getting in shape, but it is so much harder than it seems. Whether fitting in a workout is your struggle or doing the same workouts over and over, this blog will help you get to your goals!

Sep 17th, 2019
Are Detoxes Healthy?

Detoxes also called "cleanses" have always been a popular quick fix to either eating unhealthy or wanting to lose weight. The question is: are they healthy?

Sep 11th, 2019
Top 3 Books to Read in September

It is almost Fall and that means sweater weather, rain, and staying indoors. Books are the best thing to do in the Fall and Winter because you get to escape into your book and explore!

Sep 9th, 2019
How to Stay Hydrated

While many people are aware about he importance of water, it is still very difficult to get the recommended amount you need each day! Click here for tips on how to cut back coffee and alcohol and make way for water!

Sep 6th, 2019
5 Worst Supplements for your Health

Supplements are advertised as the easiest way to stay/be healthy. In reality, they have many side effects that are not listed and are not regulated properly.

Sep 4th, 2019
What to Eat for More Iron in your Diet!

Many Americans do not eat enough iron in their diet. Vegetarians and vegans have an even higher risk of iron deficiency. Click this link to find out more ways to supplement iron in your diet.

Aug 22nd, 2019
Hot Weather Hair Styles

During this warm weather it can be difficult to want to leave your home without dreading dealing with frizzy or broken hair.

Aug 15th, 2019
Fun and Free Date Ideas

There is no better way to spend quality time with your significant other than with a night out. Busy schedules can intervene with one’s relationships, but it’s the small things we all appreciate. Click here to find some fun and free date ideas!

Aug 12th, 2019
Cleveland Patients looking for a Rhinoplasty Surgeon!

We have patients from all over the country that fly into California. If you or anyone you know in Ohio is looking for a plastic surgeon, read more to find out if you are a candidate for Dr. Deepak Dugar's unique technique of the Scarless Nose™

Aug 12th, 2019
Happy Book Lovers Day!!

Did you know that today is Book Lovers Day? Click here to find out some of our favorite books to be successful!

Aug 9th, 2019
Labor Day Ideas

Labor Day is around the corner and it's time to prepare your long weekend festivities.

Aug 9th, 2019
Atlanta Patients looking for a Rhinoplasty Surgeon!

Do you live in the Georgia, Atlanta area? Are you looking to get your nose done? Well then look no further than Dr. Deepak Raj Dugar! He is the only doctor who dedicates his entire surgical practice to the Scarless Nose technique!

Aug 6th, 2019
Back To School!

Going back to school can bring an abundance of emotions! We have some tips to help get over first day nerves!

Aug 6th, 2019
How To Pick The Right Surgeon!

In today's blog we will help you or anyone you know of, that is looking for a plastic surgeon and how to find the perfect one for you and your surgical needs.

Aug 5th, 2019
Happy Watermelon Day!

Since it is Watermelon Day on August 3, we decided to look into the health benefits of this great tasting snack!

Aug 1st, 2019
Home Remedies for Colds

While there is no cure for the common cold, there are many remedies that can help you get through it! Click here to find out home remedies for the common cold.

Jul 30th, 2019
Dental Hygiene Tips!

Facial beauty does not just include your skin and hair, but your teeth too! A smile can strike up a conversation, sell a product, and make someone feel at ease! Click here to find out ways to keep your perfect smile!

Jul 29th, 2019