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Dr. Deepak Raj Dugar always appreciates feedback from his valued patients. To date, we’re thrilled to have collected 172 reviews with an average rating of 5 out of 5 stars. Please read what others are saying about Dr. Deepak Dugar below, and as always, we would love to collect your feedback.

Zen E.
Submitted 12/31/18
I cannot express enough gratitude for Dr. Dugar and his incredible staff! I recently had a closed rhinoplasty operation to refine my nose and could not be happier with the results. I trusted Dr. Dugar from the very first consultation when I was seeking advice and suggestions on how I could improve the features of my nose with a natural-looking transformation. I have been wanting to make changes to my nose shape but could not trust any doctor until I was introduced to Scarless Nose Institute and Dr. Dugar's expertise. This was my first experience with a cosmetic surgery of this nature and Dr. Dugar was honest every step of the way taking the time to address my questions and concerns. I'm also grateful for how his staff took such great care of me during and after the procedure, including Dr. Dugar's wife, who does such an amazing job with the anesthesia process. I was pleasantly surprised at how the healing process was painless for me and how comfortable I was post-operation. I'm so happy with my results and my new look!! Thank you so much Dr. Dugar for your talent and care! Bless you and your staff.
Caitlyn H.
Submitted 12/31/18
I am so thankful to have found Dr Dugar. Before having my closed rhinoplasty, I had an extremely deviated septum as well as some minor aesthetic details that I wanted to tweak. Dr Dugar and his team were all helpful and responsive before and after my surgery, and Dr Dugar made the experience as painless/comfortable as possible. I am so happy with my breathing and my nose looks better than I ever could've imagined. I cannot thank him enough!
Rachael S.
Submitted 12/31/18
I had rhinoplasty with Dr Deepak Dugar two weeks ago. I'm beyond thrilled with the results, and apparently once the swelling subsides it should look even better. I had been contemplating rhinoplasty for many years because of a wide bridge and bump in my side profile. I met with a couple of plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills and made the easy decision to proceed with Dr. Dugar. He greets you with smile and is very disarming. If you consult with more than one surgeon, you will immediately feel the difference- although he has an incredible reputation, he does not have an ego. He told me that my nose was actually broken which made the decision to proceed even easier. He assured me that he will not change your face, he will change the part of your nose that you don't like and create a better version of your same nose. This was exactly what I wanted, and this is what he delivered! As someone who is a mother and business person, my biggest fear was to wake up with a severe change to my face that would prompt people to ask if I had something done. Although it's a huge change for me, considering I now have a beautiful nose that I love from all angles. I was anxious for the surgery since I had never been through one before. It could not have been easier and painless, the procedure ended up taking less than two hours but you literally wake up minutes after with no pain. I personally experienced no pain or discomfort (I did not have any breathing work done, just rhino). I took two extra strength Tylenol before bed the first night to ensure I didn't wake up with any pain. I didn't experience any pain during recovery, I did swell and experience bruising around my eyes which lasted a week and a half. When my cast was removed on day 7 I was so so so so pleased with the results. I still had some bruising but was able to cover it up with makeup at that point. I went out to lunch that same day and then left the next day for a two week vacation. I'm still icing three times a day, and excited for the final results. Cannot recommend Dr Dugar and his team more, they are wonderful and I will refer anyone I know to him.
Sam S.
Submitted 11/14/18
I got my nose done by Dr. Dugar and I could not be happier. The results turned out amazing and I love my side profile now!
Anna S.
Submitted 11/13/18
Dr. Dugar does amazing work! I got Lips fillers done a month ago and they don't look overly done. Everyone keeps saying how pretty I look lately. The lips really enhanced my overall features
Evan R.
Submitted 11/12/18
I have been going to Dr. Dugar for sometime now and I am so pleased with the results! I came in to get a PRP hair restoration treatment and it has changed the way my hair looks and feel! I used to have pre mature hair thinning but now after 3 treatments my hair has had significant improvement in fullness, thickness, and growth. I definitely recommend Dr. Dugar, you NEED to go to him!
Adam J.
Submitted 10/18/18
My favorite skin Doc! He leaves my skin looking amazing. I am a guy so I don't need much but I touch up my Botox every couple months and it makes such a difference. He is my go to guy!
Elizabeth S.
Submitted 10/15/18
Dr. Dugar knows what he's doing and is the king of Rhinoplasty! I had a closed scarless nose with him and he gave me exactly what I wanted. I can breathe better than ever now. I had a deviated septum and it was very hard on me to breathe since I play professional soccer. Not only did he fix my beathing but he gave me the nose I've always wanted. He shaved down my hump and narrowed my bones and I couldn't be happier with his work.
Jane F.
Submitted 10/12/18
My experience was amazing here! I truly love Dr. Dugar's work, he takes such good care of me. I come here every couple months to touch up my botox. I will never go to anyone else, his work speaks for its self. He is an artist and takes such pride in his work!
Ruby C.
Submitted 09/18/17
Felt so welcomed and comfortable with everyone there!
Melissa B.
Submitted 09/06/17
I am really happy with my experience with Dr. Dugar. An essential thing to look for in a plastic surgeon is honesty and that is exactly what I got. There was no wait time and all the personnel is very nice and welcoming. An all-around great experience. Thank you!
Sharon S.
Submitted 07/24/17
The only thing I didn't like about my nose was my side profile. I went to Dr. Dugar and he listened to my request and didn't pressure me to get anything else! Even though I know that my nose isn't perfect! He let me get exactly what I wanted, which was a straight profile! I got what I asked for and I could not be happier!
Kayla W.
Submitted 07/24/17
I knew that Dr. Dugar would be my doctor when I saw his before and after photos of other patients. They had very similar noses to me and he did a great job on them so I trusted him. My nose looks exactly how I wanted it to! It is very refined and makes my features petite and fit my face!
Kathyrn G.
Submitted 07/24/17
I flew in from Oregon to get my procedure done after finding him online. I had my pre op and surgery done in one week. I was on my plane back home after my cast was taken off by day 8! It was amazing and I didn't even need a post op because I healed so well and loved my nose!!!
Lisa S.
Submitted 07/24/17
I usually do not write any reviews, but I had to for Dr. Dugar!!! He is the best plastic surgeon I have ever had in my life. I had gotten my boobs done prior to my rhinoplasty and had many complications, and was nervous to get a rhinoplasty until I met Dr. Dugar at my friends dinner party in LA. We hit it off and I knew that I could trust him with my nose. He was so genuine and passionate about what he does and informed me of so many rhinoplasty facts that I had never heard of before! I knew that he was going to work wonders! I went in for my surgery and was so excited to get my cast removed! My nose was so perfect and refined to match my face in every way. My side profile became elegant and beautiful and I am so happy I met him!
Jake P.
Submitted 07/24/17
I took an elbow to the face during a football game and the impact pushed my nose to the size and gave me a deviated septum. I could only sleep on my right side and snoring kept up my fiancee. After 6 months of snoring, I know I needed to get a rhinoplasty. I found Dr. Dugar because I heard he dedicated his practice to rhinoplasty surgeries. I didn't really want anything cosmetic besides making my nose straight again, and he did exactly that. He straightened my nasal bones and fixed my deviated septum so I could finally breathe! The healing was so easy and fast that I didn't have any swelling or bruises in my wedding day photos!
Lindsay R.
Submitted 07/24/17
Dr. Dugar is a fantastic doctor. After my first consultation for my rhinoplasty, I was confident that he understood the results that I was looking for. This procedure was my first time going into plastic surgery and I am very happy with the results! He honestly did everything we discussed and I feel blessed to have found him!
Megan R.
Submitted 07/24/17
I have never been disappointed by this office! They do everything so well!! I have gotten my nose done and laser treatment here and have interacted with the entire staff! They are all so nice and genuine doctors and nurses that care about the patient. I have talked through every procedure before committing and get a thorough explanation of what is going to happen. Dr. Dugar did an exceptional job with helping me understand and during the surgery. I look 10 years younger with my new nose and laser!
Jaime H.
Submitted 07/24/17
Dr. Dugar is a fantastic doctor! He was great with me and my daughter. It took a lot for me to accept that my daughter really wanted a rhinoplasty, but I felt super confident when I met Dr. Dugar. He has done so much work on teenage noses and verifies that they are both physically and mentally healthy before committing to work on them. He asked my daughter a series of questions and made her feel safe and secure. I allowed her to get the procedure when I met Dr. Dugar and realized how much he cared about my daughter and other patients I saw him interact with. I am really happy I chose him because I have never seen my daughter as happy as when she saw her new nose for the first time. I cannot thank Dr. Dugar enough for the smile he put on my baby girl!
Victoria D.
Submitted 07/24/17
I was insecure about my nose for many years leading up to my decision to get a rhinoplasty. I had done so much research and finally decided that it was time to commit. I waited until I had enough money to get a really good surgeon, and once I found Dr. Dugar I knew that waiting was the best idea! Once I found out that Dr. Dugar specialized his entire practice into only doing rhinoplasty surgeries I knew that he was going to be the most experienced and strategic doctor and I was right! He was the best doctor I have ever had in my life. He was calm, smart, a great listener, and engaged. I could tell that he wanted to help and I felt so comfortable telling him my insecurities. He totally refined my nose, and by doing that he refined my entire face. I am so happy with the results and the care that I received while being at his practice!