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Male Procedures

Deepak raj Dugar, md

Plastic Surgeon located in Beverly Hills, CA

A lot of surgeons are comfortable with using scarring procedures when it comes to performing Rhinoplasty, but Dr. Dugar goes above and beyond for his patients. At Beverly Hills Rhinoplasty Center™ located in Los Angeles, CA, Dr. Dugar offers Closed Scarless Rhinoplasty for his patients.


Male Procedures

Male Rhinoplasty

Men of all ages get rhinoplasty. The male rhinoplasty requires a specific technique to ensure that it still holds a masculine appearance. Some would say that it is almost a completely different surgery than the female rhinoplasty. The masculinity of face has a strong link to how the nose looks. To keep the masculinity of the nose, Dr. Dugar will preserve certain features including preserving a high spot on the profile, not turning up the tip too much, not sculpting the tip too much, not making the bones too narrow. Dr. Dugar will make minimal, yet significant refinements to the men’s anatomy to preserve the masculine architecture. Breathing issues are also components to many of our male patients rhinoplasty surgeries, which advances it to a septorhinoplasty. A septorhinoplasty treats both the cosmetic issues as well as the breathing/functional aspects of the deviated septum. Overall, men need and want rhinoplasties all over the world. In our office we specialize in given men exactly the masculine nose that fits their face in a scarless way.

Male Hair Loss

  • Hair Restoration
    • This is one of the most common procedures for men. Hair loss is very common among men starting as early as 20 years old. We begin by taking your blood and spinning it down in a centrifuge. Hair restoration has been shown to stimulate the production of new hair follicles as well as thicken the hair already on your scalp. The ideal patient for hair restoration is someone who is slightly thinning. If someone has 80%-100% hair loss a hair transplant would be better in conjunction with hair restoration treatments to keep the new hair. The procedure takes around 30-40 minutes and we suggest 4 sessions, each one month apart.

Male Facial Procedures

  • Botox
    • Botox is the most common procedure that men are coming into our office for. Men from all avenues of life would still like to maintain their youth, while at the same time aging well. Dr. Dugar does not take away wrinkles with men, but he minimizes them so they are not so prominent. With Dr. Dugar your face will never look frozen or fake, he uses microdoses so that you still have facial motion. Naturally looking botox injections is very underrated, yet one of the most important techniques out there. This procedure takes less than ten minutes and lasts 3-4 months.
  • Chin enhancement
    • Chin augmentation can be used with filler or implants. Chin enhancements correct a weak chin and strengthening the jawline. Dr. Dugar uses safe hyaluronic acid filler in the chin and jawline area to lift and chisel the area. This can either give more definition to the face or it can simply push out the chin to balance it out with the rest of the face. Dr. Dugar can also augment the chin by surgically adding a chin implant under local anesthesia. This is the permanent option for a stronger chin and jawline.
  • Non surgical nose job
    • The non-surgical nose job is a safe way to correct the little asymmetries that men can have. We use reversible hyaluronic acid based fillers, which is naturally occurring in your body. We use these fillers to subtly hide asymmetries and mask bumps so that patients never have to go under the knife. The results last anywhere from 1-3 years .

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