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Do Lip Injections Ruin Your Lips?

Do lip injections ruin your lips? Will getting lip injections cause any scars or possible long term permanent damage to my lips? These are the questions many are asking themselves, prior to booking their first lip filler appointment. The answer is, it depends on the lip injector, the product being used, and if and how you have to remove or dissolve them.
Board certified plastic surgeon and expert lip injection specialist Dr. Deepak Raj Dugar, MD is known for his subtle, yet meaningful lip injections. Dr. Dugar injects the lips with 100% dissolvable and reversible hyaluronic acid, which is naturally found in the body as it’s naturally produced biologically. Dr. Deepak Dugar only injects the face with hyaluronic acid (HA) because it is low risk, looks natural, and will naturally be dissolved and absorbed by the body over 6-12 months. Dr. Dugar injects around the edge of the lips in tiny amounts and focuses on the middle of the lips, which is called cherry-lips which is most popular for being the most naturally occurring shape of real plump lips. Dr. Dugar performs a cherry lip injection on The Doctors TV show, where you can see how painless, effortless, and easy Dr. Dugar makes your whole process of lip injections. He first numbs the lips with a topical local cream, so his patients barely even feel a thing when he uses tiny thin needles into the lips. With these tiny needles, he limits the risk of bruising after the procedure in combination with icing the lips between injections. Dr. Dugar is a very low risk, ethical and honest plastic surgeon, he prefers the scenario where he might not inject enough filler in the lips where a patient would feel as if there was not enough of a change, rather than doing too much where the patient feels as if they look fake or unnatural. In addition to being low risk by injecting less, he also is low risk of ruining your lips with lip injections because he uses only dissolvable hyaluronic-acid based fillers, which is totally reversible in case a patient feels like lip injections are not for them. This philosophy that Dr. Dugar has for his cosmetic procedures to go unnoticed, is tailored to each individual patient, with the goal of not so called “ruining” lips or any part of the body.
If you go to an inexperienced facial injector, or not a board-certified doctor, you run the risk of ruining your lips. This can be because the doctor may “ruin” your lips by over-injecting and making them look fake, or by not injecting dissolvable, hyaluronic acid based fillers which can cause damage to your lips when trying to remove them or dissolve them off. Some lip injections may not be fillers, it could be silicone they insert into the lip to permanently make it look fuller, or it could be collagen fillers, or fat transfer filler where they take fat from one area and permanently insert it into the lip. All these examples come with much higher risk than the safer alternative of hyaluronic acid based fillers, which are easy to dissolve and are not permanent. Where risk of causing damage to the lip can come from removing or trying to reverse the more permanent options for getting more plump lips.
Interested in hearing from Dr. Dugar himself if lip injections are safe and best for you, reach us below to schedule a consultation, Dr. Dugar would be more than happy to consult with you and provide you with all the information and options you have to achieve your plump lip goals!

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