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Does PRP for Hair Really Work?

Does PRP for hair really work? Yes, PRP hair treatment has been very successful for patients wishing to slow their hair loss. PRP stands for platelet rich plasma and is a very popular cosmetic procedure that addresses hair loss in patients with mild cases. Dr. Deepak Dugar, board certified plastic surgeon, sees many patients interested in PRP hair therapy. While famous for his closed rhinoplasty techniques, Dr. Dugar’s skilled hands also administer PRP hair therapy along with a variety of other non-surgical cosmetic procedures at the Scarless MedSpa which is located in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles.

So how exactly does PRP for hair work? PRP uses the patient’s own blood to obtain concentrated platelet rich plasma. When administered by a trained and skilled professional, the procedure is very simple, safe, and has basically no downtime. First, a small sample of blood is drawn from the patient’s arm. This sample is then inserted into a centrifuge, a machine that separates the blood by its density. This separates the platelet rich plasma from the rest of the blood’s components. Dr. Dugar then carefully extracts the plasma into multiple syringes. Next, the platelet rich plasma is carefully injected into areas of the scalp experiencing hair loss. 

The platelet rich plasma has growth factors that trigger the body to strengthen hair follicles, allowing the body to grow healthier, stronger hair. The results are not instant with PRP hair treatment. Rather, it takes multiple sessions over a period of time for the body’s reaction to the treatment to be noticeable. Dr. Dugar recommends that his patients come in at once a month for three to four months. After that, patients who wish to maintain their results are recommended to come in for treatment once a year. 

While the results that PRP hair treatment can bring are exciting, it is important to have the right expectations in mind when getting any cosmetic procedure done. PRP hair treatment is for patients with mild hair loss or in the early stages of hair loss. PRP hair treatment does not reverse hair loss. Patients who are looking to slow their hair loss, and or grow stronger, healthier hair have the best results. However, PRP is not for patients looking for a dramatic change to a full head of hair that a hair graft could accomplish. Rather, PRP hair therapy works with your body’s natural growing tendencies to give patients a beautiful and healthy head of hair. 

For individuals interested in learning more about PRP hair therapy at Scarless MedSpa, they can visit our website. Individuals can also get their specific questions answered in a consultation with Dr. Dugar himself. In the consultation you will have the opportunity to thoroughly discuss your hair goals and if it aligns with what PRP can offer. It is important to have the right expectations for what any procedure can give you, cosmetic or not. It is equally as important to consult with a medical expert as well. While PRP is marketed as low risk and easy, getting PRP hair therapy from the wrong hands can make a normally simple procedure dangerous and not as effective. To learn more about PRP for hair and to book a consultation with Dr. Dugar to discuss if PRP hair therapy is right for you and your desires, see here


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