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Why is Rhinoplasty Called Rhinoplasty?

Why is rhinoplasty called rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty which is commonly known as nose jobs is a procedure of reshaping the nose. The word rhinoplasty is derived from two Greek terms and rhino means “nose” and plasty means “shaping” so rhinoplasty is the procedure of shaping the nose. There are two types of rhinoplasty: open rhinoplasty and closed rhinoplasty.

In open rhinoplasty procedure the cuts are made outside of the nose and the nose can be completely reshaped. In closed rhinoplasty procedures the cuts are made internally and there are minimal changes. Dr. Dugar has mastered the closed rhinoplasty and all of his practice is focused on the scarless nose™ rhinoplasty. In the closed scarless nose™ rhinoplasty procedure Dr. Dugar can also fix breathing problems known as deviated septum. Patients with deviated septum have breathing issues and their nasal passage is blocked by the deviated septum. This issue can be fixed with the closed scarless rhinoplasty which has benefits of no tell-tale signs of incision and faster healing.

Rhinoplasty or nose job is done by plastic surgeons for reconstructing the nose and Dr. Dugar is a celebrity plastic surgeon who has specialized only in noses. Dr. Dugar does nose jobs solely and he has mastered the closed scarless™ procedure. Rhinoplasty or nose jobs are one of the most common facial plastic surgery procedures and have the highest demand rate in plastic surgery procedures. Choosing the right doctor for an important procedure could be difficult but Dr. Dugar is a great choice. If you want a natural and safe rhinoplasty, you should get a consultation with Dr. Dugar. During a consultation all your questions about rhinoplasty would be answered by Dr. Dugar.

During the consultation Dr. Dugar would listen to your desires and guide you to decide what is the best method for you. He will discuss if you are a good candidate for his closed scarless™ rhinoplasty and let you choose your best option.
If you have been thinking about getting a rhinoplasty “nose job” it is great to start with consultations with a plastic surgeon like Dr. Dugar who has been doing these procedures his whole practice.

To book your first consultation with Dr. Dugar you can call, email, or use our website listed below. If you have any questions our office will be available to answer any questions about Dr. Dugar and closed scarless™ rhinoplasty.

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