At Home Quarantine Workouts

Home workouts during quarantine

Due to gyms being closed as we practice social distancing, we need to get creative with breaking a sweat in the living room! You don’t even need any fancy equipment, maybe just a yoga mat or towel to place on your hardwood floor. 

First, warm up is important and essential to a good workout - and to make sure you don't pull a muscle! In our warm up we will first go for a 5 minute jog around the block, and make sure to wear a mask (optional). Then we go straight into 10 jumping jacks. Next in our warm up is 10 standing arm circles (large circles). Make sure your core is strong and engaged. Next, 10 standing arm circles (small circles). Finally, we will do 20 side lunges (10 on each leg) Stand with your legs hip width apart, then step your left leg out and do a deep lunch for 10 reps, then repeat on right leg.

Now that our muscles are warm and our heart rate is up; Lets start!

Round 1:

-1 minute: 15 jump squats (jump high and then sink down into a deep squat)

-15 second break

1 minute: 15 Burpees (jump then drop into a push up)

-15 second break

-1 minute: 15 shoulder push ups (start in push-up form with arms and legs wider than shoudler width, then walk hands back closer to feet. Keeping your hips high to the sky making an upsidedown "V' with yor body), your back straight, bend at the elbows to engage the shoulders and repeat for 1 minute to do shoulder push ups.

-15 second break

- 1 minute: 25 side to side tow taps (engage the core! Lay down on your back an bend your legs bring them as close to your hips as you can. Bring your shoulder blades up off the floor and reach your right arm to the side of your right foot and then switch to the other side and reach your left arm down towards the outside of your left foot. Repeat this back and forth for 1 minute, engage the sides of the abs; the obliques! 

-45 second break

-Repeat above 'Round 1' Four (4) more times.

-1 minute break 

Round 2:

- 1 minute: Walking lunges (or standing in place alternating legs)

- 15 second break

-1 minute: Shoulder tap planks (Get in push up position, and tap one shoulder at a time. Engage your core, and put your weight on the left hand as you tap your right hand to your left shoulder. Then keep just your right hand on the floor as you tap your left hand to your right shoulder. Repeat.

-15 second break

-1 minute side lunges (Stand feet hip width apart, step out on your right foot and lunge deep, then feet back together, then step out on the left foot)

-15 second break 

-1 minute crunches (Can do crunches or bicycles this round, or alternate)

-45 second break

- Repeat Round 2 four more times.


Finally, remember to stretch! Stretch every muscle we worked today, stretch the arms and shoulders, stretch the legs and glutes. Foam rolling, or cold ice baths can help with muscle recovery as well!

Make sure you're still hitting your step goal of 10,000 steps a day while you’re working from home. Whether that means you’re getting up to walk around the house for two minutes every 20 minutes, or you’re going for a morning walk and a walk after dinner to get those miles in. In these stressful and uncertain times it’s important to keep your activity levels up, and in return your stress levels down. High stress can lead to a compromised immune system, we want to keep stress low and be as healthy as we can in these times. 

We here at Scarless MedSpa want to keep you healthy, as your health is most important to us. We know that your health and aesthetics is important to you, just as important as going to the gym is for you. We can help you achieve your aesthetics goals by helping to enhance your natural beauty with botox and filler to achieve those high cheekbones, or perfectly plump lips.

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