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Can PRP Re-Grow Hair?

The short answer is yes, PRP can regrow hair. PRP, Platelet Rich Plasma, has been found in many studies to help the body in a plethora of ways. Platelet rich plasma is a type of regenerative medicine that can heal musculoskeletal conditions, skin conditions, and now hair growth.

So what is platelet rich plasma? Human blood consists of different components such as red blood cells, white blood cells, plasma, and platelets. Plasma is the liquid component of blood. Platelets are commonly known to non medical individuals for their clotting purposes. However, platelets also promote cell growth and regeneration because they hold growth factors. The platelet rich plasma is the liquid portion of the blood that is mixed with the platelets. It is highly concentrated, almost five times more than regular blood.

Platelet rich plasma is extracted by a certified phlebotomist or other medical professionals that will begin by taking your blood during a blood draw. Once the blood is drawn from the patient, it is put in a machine that will then extract the platelet rich plasma. This machine is called a centrifuge, and the centrifuge will spin the blood so rapidly that it will separate the components by weight. The red and white blood cells are heavier and will fall to the bottom of the test tube, while the platelet rich plasma will come to the top. The platelet rich plasma will then be re-injected into whatever part of the body that it is trying to regenerate. For this instance, the PRP will be injected into the scalp to help hair growth.

Many studies have shown that PRP can actually regrow hair and halt hair loss specifically in androgenic alopecia. This specific type of hair loss affects both men and women of all ages. The evidence suggests that the PRP coats the root of the hair follicle in heavily concentrated growth factors, which then stimulates a specific cell called dermal papilla cells that induce hair growth and formation. One of the best parts of PRP treatment is that it can actually take an old hair follicle and make it regrow hair. This treatment increases hair density, as well as, mean number of hairs. PRP can also increase the thickness and the strength of the actual follicle. PRP is a fantastic first option for hair loss, but studies have also shown that better results are found when it is used in conjunction with topical treatments as well. Some examples of treatments that can be used are topical minoxidil, topical retinoic acid, and even oral finasteride. The studies all examine three or four separate PRP treatments separated by a month. This is what is recommended by physicians now.

This treatment is incredibly safe because the body is using its natural growth factors, so almost no side effects can be found using this procedure. Dr. Dugar performs consultations on Wednesdays and Fridays for patients that are curious if platelet rich plasma is a good option for them. Dr. Dugar has many patients that have been getting PRP treatments for years as maintenance to help the fight of hair loss. Call our office at 310.276.1703 to see if PRP is the best option for your hair loss journey. Click Here to book your consultation for Platelet Rich Plasma.

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