Happy Fourth of July

1) 4th of July Community Festival and Fireworks Show

This is a picnic style event that goes on all day. You can bring the whole family to this Exposition Park to enjoy the festivities. The event will have music, games, and fireworks too! 

2) Stars and Stripes Fireworks Festival 

In the outskirts of Los Angeles is the city of Simi Valley. Simi Valley has an annual festival that is great for  family and friends. It actually happens on July 3rd every year. This way you can celebrate even longer!

3) Downtown LA

Downtown LA is the perfect atmosphere for a nice night of fireworks. They have live performances done by DJ Linafornia, Earth Arrow, and more. They will have food trucks, vendors, or you are allowed to bring your own food! 

4) Long Beach-Queen Mary 

If you are wanting to travel to the beach to make your long weekend more of a vacation, then head to Long Beach. The Queen Mary is a historic boat that you can enjoy while watching fireworks. It is going to be a little costly. Adults are $49 each and children are $29. 

5) Rose Bowl 

If you are looking for a more interactive show, then head to the Rose Bowl. The Rose Bowl has dedicated time for children to play, live performances on the stage, then fireworks. 


All of the venues listed are amazing choices to celebrate your fourth of July. Whether it be at a bbq or a giant concert venue, this holiday is about being together and celebrating freedom!  If you want to look your very best for your festivities then come on in to Beverly Hills Rhinoplasty Center™! Contact us at (310) 276-1703!


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