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Microblading- Everything you Need to Know About Permanent Eyebrows

Thick bushy brows are back in, while thin penciled in eyebrows are a thing of the past! This trend has everyone buying eyebrow pencils and ditching their tweezers. A lot of people who have sparse eyebrows are overdrawing and over filling to create a thicker and fuller appearance. Growing out your eyebrows can be a tedious process and it still does not guarantee thick and full eyebrows. Using eyebrow pencils and eyebrow powder can be a temporary solution but most people are now looking for something permanent. Microblading is essentially an eyebrow tattoo but it is a lot different than other eyebrows tattoos we have seen in the past. Using this new method will leave you with natural looking eyebrows compared to the traditional way we have seen in previous years where the tattoo artist traces a single solid line at the top of the eyebrow.

What is Microblading, exactly?

Is it similar to a tattoo, but the pigment is inserted in the upper layer of the skin. The artist will use a pen- like tool to make detailed strokes that mimic real brow hair.

This new way of filling in eyebrows is amazing for someone who does not want to get up every morning and have to fill in their eyebrows but what will happen when having full eyebrows is a thing of the past?

Microblading is a permanent solution, it does slightly fade away over time without regular maintenance but does not fully go away.

Is microblading safe?

Not going to an experienced artist can leave you with regret and long-term issues. Microblading procedures are not regulated for safety and the tools they use can leave you with infection, allergic reactions, permanent scarring, and unsatisfied aesthetic results.

Although this is a great solution to have thicker and fuller brows there are a lot of dangers and risks when doing such a permanent procedure.

Check out our non-surgical PRP hair restoration procedure that can be used on your eyebrows and hairline. This procedure requires no downtime and is a risk-free permanent solution for fuller eyebrows.


Dr. Deepak Dugar

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