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How to Contour Cheeks: Innovative Age of Beauty


How to Contour Cheeks: Innovative Age of Beauty

A contoured facial bone structure is a very desirable for many people to feel confident and beautiful. Although all facial structures and anatomy are beautiful, there are plenty of tips and tricks that can enhance one’s bone structure to amplify this beauty.

The most common technique used to contour the cheeks is using makeup.

A contour cream or powder can be used to create a shadow effect underneath the cheek bones to enhance the contour of the cheek. This is typically in a shade darker than the skin tone to enhance this shadow effect.

When applying the the cream or powder, one must apply the product in a line directly below the cheek bone. The makeup should be buffed out slightly with a sponge or brush to create a natural shadow below the cheek bone. This shadow effect will make the cheek bones look more raised and defined, ultimately enhancing the bone structure.

In addition to adding a shadow below the cheek bones, a highlighting effect can be placed above the cheekbone and under the eye to create more dimension in the face. This can be done using a concealer or lighter foundation color from your skin tone.

The encapsulate this highlighting effect, apply the makeup in a triangular shape under each eye, extending to under the edge of the brows. Blend this triangle of makeup into the skin for a natural effect. The highlighting effect on the top of the cheekbone will create the effect of a heightened cheekbone.

Makeup is ultimately a great way to enhance the contour of cheek bones. However, some people may lack volume in the cheek bones, causing makeup techniques to not be beneficial. For these people, filler may be a great option.

A medical professional, such as Dr. Deepak Dugar, who is professionally trained and experienced with fillers can inject filler above the cheek bones to add volume and create more contour to the cheeks.

An injector will typically use a naturally dissolvable filler in the face. Results typically last 6 months to a year. It is important that if you are to receive cheek filler, that you go to a trained and licensed professional to obtain the most natural results and eliminate any risk of complication.

Recover time for cheek fillers is minimal to none with only a small possibility of swelling and bruising for a few days. Cheek filler is a great option to contour your cheeks if you lack volume in your cheek bones.

Volume in the face can be lost as we age, often causing the bone structure of the face to look less prominent and youthful. With facial fillers, you can achieve semi-permanent volume in areas of the face that lack it.

Cheek fillers can also be a good option for individuals who dislike wearing makeup and want a more long-term solution for face contouring.

Another option for cheek contouring is buccal fat removal, however, it is advised that you refrain from this option. This is when fat is removed from the cheeks to create a more hollowed out effect. This ultimately causes the cheek bones to look more prominent and contoured.

This has become very popular amongst many celebrities and people in Hollywood. Buccal fat removal however, can cause the cheeks to look overly hollow as a person ages. Since cheeks tend to hollow out as we age, removing even more fat from the cheeks can cause a person to older than they are.

If you would like to learn more about how to contour your cheeks and are potentially interested in facial fillers, you may contact our office or visit our website to learn more!

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