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What are good skin care tips after a nose job?

skincare tips after a rhinoplasty

What are good skin care tips after a nose job?

Although a nose job is a rather simple recovery process, as compared to some other cosmetic procedures, it is still important to keep good maintenance of your nose and skin following the procedure. At Scarless Nose™, Dr. Deepak Dugar ensures that your recovery process is as smooth and easy as possible. Dr. Dugar recommends specific tips and techniques to ensure that your nose heals as quickly and easily.

After receiving a rhinoplasty, both the nose and the skin on and around the nose are sensitive for a few weeks. Because of this, it is important to maintain a good skin-care routine, especially in the first few weeks following your procedure.

After undergoing a closed-rhinoplasty surgery, Dr. Dugar has all of his surgery patients wear a cast on their nose for one week following the procedure. Dr. Dugar removes this cast off his patients’ noses after a week. After going through a surgical procedure, the skin on the nose is a little sensitive and needs to be taken care of. Although it is possible to touch your nose after the procedure, it is advised to be extremely gentle with the nose, not applying too much pressure. To allow good healing of the nose, it is recommended to gently apply a light moisturizer on the skin of the nose as well as sunscreen. To allow the external skin on the nose to heal properly, keeping it moisturized and protected from harsh UV rays is essential.

There are a few things to do and avoid when healing from a rhinoplasty. Many patients wonder if it is okay to wear makeup after the cast is taken off the nose. It is completely okay to wear makeup on the nose as long as it is applied gently with minimal to no pressure. As mentioned previously, it is important to wear moisturizer and sunscreen on the nose to allow the skin on the nose to heal. Wearing a hat is also allowed and encouraged in the first few weeks following a rhinoplasty, to lessen sun exposure to the nose.

There are a few things that Dr. Dugar recommends you avoid on your skin in the first few weeks following a nose job. First off, it is important to refrain from any harsh chemicals or facials on the skin of your nose. It is okay to receive facials on the rest of your face, but it is recommended to avoid anything harsh on the nose for the first few weeks following your procedure. This includes and is not limited to micro-needling, chemical peels, laser treatments, and retinol creams. These procedures may irritate the nose and disrupt the healing process.

If you are interested in closed rhinoplasty, make a consultation appointment today to speak to Dr. Dugar himself to learn more about the procedure. If you have any questions feel free to contact our office and we will be happy to assist you!

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