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Best Photo Editing Apps for Instagram

best photo editing apps for instagram

Instagram influencers are only as successful as their Instagram edits, and they’re not editing on Instagram. There are a few of the most popular photo editing apps, that everyone has heard of, but there are a few apps that influencers are trying to keep their little secret. Below we rank the best Influencer-approved photo editing apps, that will help you achieve all your instagram aesthetic goals!

  1. VSCO Cam: VSCO Cam has their own instagram-like posting feed since VSCO editors are home to some of the best photographers in the world. This editing app gained so much popularity, that it became a trend within Gen Z, to call themselves “VSCO Girls” if they use the app, wear scrunchies, and wear over size T-Shirts. This app is great for editing photos and videos with their filters- theres so many different packages all with different themes. Everyone is bound to find the right filter for their taste on this editing app!
  2. Lightroom : Lightroom is a great photo editing app for the more experienced photo editor, one who has played with VSCO so much, and needs an app with more freedom to edit. This app is a favorite between influencers for creating their own unique filters, they call “Presets”, which are unique to them. Instagram’s favorite influencers who have gained popularity for their instagram theme, have started to sell their Lightroom Presets on instagram for their fans to use on their own instagram feed.
  3. Afterlight : Afterlight is another editing app popular for inexperienced editors who can swipe through preset filter after filter to find the right one that fits their theme. Afterlight has more effects than VSCO cam does, with its light leaks, and glow features that is adjustable on your photo, unlike other apps.
  4. Prequel : Ever wonder how your favorite influencers get that camcorder, retro effect on their photos and videos on their feed and story? They use Prequel to do it! Prequel is great for editing your photos to get that shimmer effect, but also great for editing videos to post on your story and IG TV for different and edgy effects and filters!
  5. Huji film : Popular for making the old film camera light leaks on their contrasty and under exposed presets, Huji film makes your photos look like they were taken on a vintage Instax film camera. Similar to other apps where you can add a light leak, but Huji is more often used for how vibrant the colors and how dark the photo looks, like it was taken in the 1980’s. This app doesnt let you edit the photo once you upload it to the app, its just like a film camera, once you take it thats how it looks on film forever. You can upload the same photo again and again until you finally get the edit and light leak you like.

Do you want to elevate your instagram selfie game? Come into the Scarless Med Spa at the Beverly Hills Rhinoplasty Center and achieve all your dream aesthetic goals with Dr. Deepak Raj Dugar. Dr. Dugar is a double board certified plastic surgeon, who has dedicated 100% of his surgical practice to closed Scarless rhinoplasty. When Dr. Dugar is not in surgery, he treats his patients at his Scarless Med Spa with facial injections. Contact us at the Beverly Hills Rhinoplaty Center to see Dr. Dugar for a consulation on how you can achieve all your aesthetic goals!

You can book a consultation appointment on our website by visiting and click the top right black button titled BOOK HERE, and choose an appointment date and time that works best for you!

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