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Keto Diet is Best in Small Doses

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Recently, Yale University did a study to test the Ketogenic Diet. The Ketogenic diet is described as a diet that consists of getting your energy 99% from fat and 1% from carbohydrates. Regular diets consist of most of your energy coming from carbohydrates rather than fat. When you are in “ketosis” your body burns fat or ketones rather than carbohydrates. This happens when you are in a starved state or when you participate in this diet. When you use ketones as fuel, tissue protective cells expand throughout the body.

It has become increasingly popular due to celebrities and the dramatic weight loss made my overweight individuals. They found that doing the keto diet and having these protective cells throughout the body increases metabolism and decreases diabetes risk and inflammation. In the study, they found that after one week, the subjects were eating more fat than they were burning. This lead to the subjects being overweight and having diabetes.

One result from this might be that this diet is best prescribed for only a small period of time!

If you are struggling with fat loss or fat gain, come in to see Dr. Deepak Dugar! We can fill fat loss in the face with hyaluronic acid filler and give you expertise on ways to control fat gain.

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