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Is Closed Rhinoplasty Cheaper?

Is closed rhinoplasty cheaper?

Closed rhinoplasty is not necessarily cheaper or more expensive than open rhinoplasty. There are a multitude of factors that can play into how much your rhinoplasty costs, the first of them being who your surgeon is. Just like a painting by Picasso will be more expensive than a painting by a regular John Doe artist, the same applies to rhinoplasty. A closed rhinoplasty performed by a more skilled and experienced surgeon will be more expensive than a closed or open rhinoplasty performed by a less skilled or experienced surgeon.

Another factor that is prevalent in determining the price of your rhinoplasty whether it be closed or open is what your needs and desires are and how achievable they are with your anatomy and surgical approach. If you are looking to achieve a drastic change whether it be cosmetic or medical, this may be more expensive than a subtle change. For example, a septum that is severely deviated may be more expensive to fix than a less deviated septum. At times, a severely deviated septum is difficult to fix with closed rhinoplasty and only ideally achievable with an open rhinoplasty. Or it could be the case that the septum is fixable with a closed rhinoplasty approach, but just with a lot of time, effort and skill. It is fair to assume that for most surgeons, increased time, effort and skill equates to an increased price of the procedure.

In most cases, patients choose to proceed with a closed rhinoplasty surgery when they are happy with the integrity of their nose and just want subtle tweaks and minor alterations as opposed to open rhinoplasty which is better suited for complete reconstruction or complicated changes in the nose. A subtle change in the nose should not, however, be associated with a cheaper price as this is not necessarily associated with less time, effort and skill. At times, minor changes take even more time than a drastic change, potentially causing the surgery to be more expensive even though you might be seeing less of a difference in your anatomy.

It is important to remember that (in most cases) you will get what you pay for, the same is true for rhinoplasty! Your nose is the central point of your face and always part of your daily life–it is crucial to invest in a great result rather than be cheap with something that will last you a lifetime. It is better to pay for one good, skilled rhinoplasty than a cheap one that will cost you revisions in the future. Dr. Dugar entire practice is dedicated to closed rhinoplasty, with almost a decade of experience and thousands of cases, Dr. Dugar is highly skilled on closed rhinoplasty.

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