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Scarless Nose

What is a Bulbous Nose? 4 Things that Could Be the Cause and How an Expert Can Help!

bulbous nose

What is a bulbous nose? 4 Things that could be the cause and What an How an Expert Can Help!

Noses come in various shapes and sizes.

Every specific individual has their own unique facial anatomy. The nose itself is a complex structure that has several different attributes and structural forces which make up the foundation of the center of a person’s face. Some of these structural elements include the nasal bridge, the lateral nasal bones, the nasal septum and the nasal tip.

All of these elements work together to create the shape and form of a nose.

When regarding a bulbous nose, the phrase is referring to the structure of the nasal tip. The nasal tip can come in various forms: some being pointy, some being round, and some looking large.

So what exactly is a bulbous nose? A bulbous nose is referring to a round and large nasal tip, often looking disproportionate to the rest of the nasal anatomy.

For example, when examining a light bulb, one might notice that the bottom of the bulb is typically slimmer than the top, making the top of the light bulb larger and more rounded. This is precisely the same concept as that of a bulbous nose, where the structure of the nasal tip causes the end of the nose to look rounded and bulky.

There are several factors that can create the appearance of a bulbous nose:

1. Genetics: Most of the time, a person’s anatomical genetics are the cause of a bulbous nose, and similar nasal structuring can be seen within the immediate family.

2. Ethnicity: Some ethnicities sometimes have prominent anatomical characteristics that can be seen throughout several individuals. The nasal anatomy, is one structure of the body that can show similarities throughout an ethnicity group. For example, some ethnicities are more prone to a dorsal hump on the nose while other ethnicities are more prone to a bulbous nasal tip.

3. Injury: Sometimes an injury to the nose can change nasal anatomy and appearance over time. Sometimes swelling to the nose from an injury can cause the nasal tip to look more enlarged, and if there is damage to the bone or cartilage in the nose, this enlarged effect can sometimes become permanent.

4. Aging: When aging, the tip of ones nose can begin to droop over time. This droopy effect typically makes the nasal tip to look more enlarged or disproportionate to the rest of the nasal anatomy.

All different kinds of noses are beautiful in their own way. However, if someone is bothered by their bulbous nose, rhinoplasty could be a possible solution!

Here at Beverly Hills Rhinoplasty Center, Dr. Dugar meets several patients with the concern of a bulbous nose. Dr. Dugar, world famous rhinoplasty surgeon, has mastered the art of Closed Scarless Rhinoplasty, which has helped several of his patients attain a less bulbous nose.

A bulbous nasal tip often has an excess of tip cartilage, causing the nose to look bulky. Through his surgical technique, Dr. Dugar makes incisions inside the nose. Through these incisions, Dr. Dugar is able to carefully carve out tip cartilage from the nasal tip, creating a more sculpted and less bulbous nasal tip.

Through Closed Scarless Rhinoplasty, Dr. Dugar is able to reduce the bulkiness of a bulbous nose without leaving any external cuts or scars.

If you are bothered about your bulbous nose and want to learn more about Closed Scarless Rhinoplasty, visit our website at to learn more or book a consultation with Dr. Dugar! If you have any questions, our concierge staff is happily able to assist with anything you need!

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