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Revolutionizing Beauty: Piezo Rhinoplasty (ultrasonic rhinoplasty)? 5 Benefits of this Game Changer in Nasal Surgery!

piezo rhinoplasty

What is Piezo Rhinoplasty (ultrasonic rhinoplasty)? 10 Things You Need to Know about this Game Changer in Nasal Surgery!

Rhinoplasty, otherwise known as a nose job, is a very common cosmetic surgery that aims to change the shape of the nose. Traditional methods of rhinoplasty have been performed manually with tools to change the shape of the nasal bones and nasal cartilage.

In recent years, there have been advancements in the medial technology that have led to the creation of piezo, or ultrasonic rhinoplasty. This method of rhinoplasty offers very high precision and allows for reduced trauma. This method also allows for a more refined cosmetic outcome.

What is Piezo Rhinoplasty?

Piezo rhinoplasty uses ultrasonic energy to sculpt the nasal bones in a very precise manner. This method of rhinoplasty uses what is known as a piezotome – a device that converts electrical energy into precise ultrasonic vibrations.

These vibrations can precisely make cuts into the nasal bones with little to no damage incurred on the surrounding tissues. These tissues include the skin, nerves, and blood vessels in the nose.

Piezo rhinoplasty allows for very high precision. Traditional rhinoplasty using manual surgical instruments requires a slight degree of guesswork.

This can lead to unnecessary damages to surrounding tissues. This damage can also lead to more swelling and bruising after surgery. Piezo rhinoplasty minimizes these risks.

Benefits of Piezo Rhinoplasty

  1. Reduced trauma to surrounding tissues: Using the piezotome allows for the surgeon to strictly target the nasal bones. This approach is selective and reduces the unnecessary trauma on the surrounding soft tissues.
  2. More Precision: The piezotome gives the ability of surgeons to precisely make changes to the nasal bones during piezo rhinoplasty. There is a high level of control. This level of control can allow for more aesthetically pleasing results.
  3. Faster Recovery Time: with Piezo rhinoplasty, there is less trauma induced onto the nose. This allows for a quicker recovery period! Patients often report feeling less pain after surgery as well.
  4. Safety: Piezo rhinoplasty allows for improved safety. Because this method is so precise, it minimizes the potential damage made to the surrounding tissues, making it a safe option for patients.
  5. Improved Cosmetic Outcomes: this surgical method allows for stellar cosmetic outcomes. It also allows for very natural looking results.


This type of surgery follows similar steps of traditional rhinoplasty. General anesthesia is administered, and then the surgeon makes incisions to access the internal bones and cartilage.

Then, the surgeon uses the piezotome to precisely sculpt the nasal bones. Finally, the surgeon sculpts the cartilage.


Following Piezo rhinoplasty, recovery tends to be quick and easy. As always, it is important to follow your surgeon’s aftercare instructions. Some swelling and bruising can occur, as with any rhinoplasty, but it tends to be minimal. Most patients are able to return to school and work in about a week! Most surgeons instruct patients to wait to return to intense physical activity until about 6 weeks following the procedure.

In conclusion, piezo rhinoplasty is an advanced nasal surgery procedure. This method’s ability to minimize the amount of trauma that is inflicted on surrounding tissues and maximize precision. This procedure has the ability to increase overall patient satisfaction. It is a cutting-edge procedure that represents the always advancing medical field.

If you’d like to learn more about this form of rhinoplasty and rhinoplasty as a whole, we welcome you to our office for an educational consultation with Dr. Deepak Dugar. Dr. Dugar is a rhinoplasty expert and specializes strictly in closed rhinoplasty as 100% of his surgical practice.

To book a consultation with Dr. Dugar, you can click this link, or, call/Whatsapp our office at +310-267-1703. You may also email our office at [email protected].

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