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Does Botox Ruin Your Face?

Does Botox ruin your face? Studies have shown that Botox (most commonly known as the brand name Botox), when used in low but effective doses, does not ruin your face, but rather is a temporary paralyzation of the microscopic muscle nerve endings.
If you over-do botox, you run the risk of freezing your face, and having no movement when you show expression, and not looking like your natural self. This risk of looking unnatural and expressionless is only possible if you go to a facial injector who injects too much botox at once, and you repeatedly go back often and get large amounts of the botox injected month after month.
This frozen effect can happen to facial expressions because the botulinum toxin (Botox) is a temporary paralyzation of the nerve endings in small muscle fibers. The injection of the brand name of this toxin (Botox, Dysport, Jeuveau, or Xeomin) blocks the muscles from releasing the chemicals it uses to contract, thus causing muscle weakness in the areas that contract often and leave wrinkles on the face. This relaxes the tiny muscle fibers where the skin wrinkles, this creates a smoothing effect on the face. Over injecting, thus, creating more muscles in the face to relax, can make the large areas of the face lose their contraction, and lose their expression.
Receiving precise and detailed care from a skilled facial injector is the most important part to anyone’s botox journey. Facial botox and filler injector to the stars is Dr. Deepak Raj Dugar, who gives all his patients careful, and gentle injections, out of his office overlooking the Hollywood Hills in Beverly Hills, California. Here just one block from Rodeo Drive, Dr. Deepak Dugar listens to each of his patients’ needs and goals and encourages them to come back every 3-5 months for maintenance on his small, light injections of botox. This maintenance encourages wrinkle-reducing for a youthful appearance, while avoiding all risk for over-injection and heavy doses of botox in the face that could possibly ruin the appearance of your face.
Dr. Dugar’s philosophy is that some things, like cosmetic procedures, should go unnoticed. Meaning, that he would much prefer you look more natural, and like yourself, rather than over-done and everyone walking on the street would be able to notice you got a cosmetic procedure done. Dr. Dugar brings this philosophy to the operating room, where he performs Scarless closed rhinoplasty, leaving no external cuts and scars and creates a better, more refined version of patients’ own noses. Dr. Deepak Dugar also takes his light-handed approach to the clinic room where he injects super small, or baby botox as he likes to call it. On his patients, Deepak Dugar would rather inject too little, so patients can come back for a small touch up, rather than too much where you run into more risks of looking fake.
If you are thinking if Botox injections are right for you now at your age, Dr. Dugar would love to speak more in detail in a consultation, where he will be honest and help guide you on all the options you have, and how to achieve your goals at the lowest risk possible. Call/text or email us below, to learn more, or you can book your very own Scarless Med Spa appointment for possible Botox or fillers from Dr. Dugar on our website below.

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