How to fix RBF (Resting B*tch Face)

How to fix RBF ( Resting Bitch Face )

A common concern for men and women all over the world is their expression when their face is totally relaxed. Getting asked over and over if you're mad or upset when you are just making a neutral expression can make you just want to find a solution. Luckly, there is a quick fix to all your RBF problems. Hyaluronic acid based fillers can cure your resting b*tch face by helping those trouble areas of the face that give us the expression of upset or mad when at rest.

At the Beverly Hills Rhinoplasty Center, Dr. Deepak Dugar, MD is using his special technique he calls Hollywood Lip Edge Filers to cure RBF. Dr. Dugar uses filler made from hyaluronic acid which is naturally found in the body and thus totally safe to use in the face. Dr. Dugar is famously known for his closed Scarless Nose™ Rhinoplasty, but he also is a master at the subtle art of making botox and fillers look natural.

With a few injections of filler to the trouble areas of the mouth that make it appear we have a resting b*tch face, Dr. Dugar is able to make his patients' relaxed face look soft and inviting. The orbicularis oris muscles around the mouth can lose volume and thus droop the lips down. Dr. Dugar's smile lift technique adds volume to the lips near the corners of the mouth by adding a few drops of filler to the lips. This differs from a typical lip filler that adds lip to the entire lip, because Dr. Dugar only adds volume only to the edge of the lip which creates this rolling up of the muscle, rather than drooping in. Enhancing the corners of the mouth, releases the tightness around the muscles of the mouth that cause a frown. Adding a small injection of a drop of botox by the outer corner of the mouth will cause the muscles that pull the mouth down (frown) to relax and thus make the muscles have a slight lift upwards (smile). The injections in these muscles will turn that frown upside down!

Click here to see Dr. Dugar perform this Lip Edge Filler on The Doctors!

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