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Scarless Nose

Droopy Tip Nose Job: Discover if you have one and what you can do about it!

droopy tip

Droopy Tip Nose Job: Discover if you have one and what you can do about it!

Nasal anatomy comes in all different shapes and sizes. Some noses may look very small, while some may look very large. Some noses might have a big hump on the bridge, while others might look scooped or sloped. Some noses may have a very upturned nose, while others may have a droopy, hooked tip.

All of these different noses are beautiful in their own way, however they do in fact differ in anatomical makeup.

A droopy tip on a nose can be characterized as a nasal tip that points downward, instead of sitting at a neutral or upturned position. A droopy tip is often times paired with a bulbous tip and a dorsal hump, causing the nose to appear hooked downwards.

There are different anatomical elements that create a droopy nose. This includes the length and structure of the nasal septum, specifically the caudal septum, as well as the shape and amount of tip cartilage in the nose.

Dr. Deepak Dugar, famous Closed Scarless Rhinoplasty surgeon, addresses the complaint of a droopy tip every single day. Along side a dorsal hump, a droopy tip is one of the most common complaints Dr. Dugar receives from his patients about their natural nose.

Closed Scarless Rhinoplasty is the perfect surgical technique to address a droopy tip. Typically, Dr. Dugar uses different surgical maneuvers to lift a droopy tip.

Surgically shortening the caudal septum of the nose, is a common surgical technique used to lift a droopy nose.

To achieve this, small incisions are made inside the nose, leaving no visible external cuts or scars. Through these incisions Dr. Dugar is able to shorten the caudal septum to decrease any drooping effect. Through these incisions, the depressor nasii muscle can also be partially excised. This muscle is what pulls the nose down into a droop when a person smiles. Excising a small portion of the muscle weakens it, causing the nose to not droop when one smiles.

Additionally, bulbousness of the nasal tip can also contribute to the look of a droopy nose. Through Closed Scarless Rhinoplasty, Dr. Dugar is able to excise parts of the nasal tip cartilage to decrease the bulbousness of a nose. Decreasing this bulk on the tip of the nose will also allow the tip to droop less.

A droopy tip can also be addressed using open rhinoplasty. With this surgical technique, the nose is opened up externally at the base of the nose. Typically, with open rhinoplasty, the procedure is more invasive than close rhinoplasty. With open rhinoplasty, similar techniques are used to address a droop tip, however the tip of the nose is fully reconstructed during open rhinoplasty. Depending on your specific tip anatomy and your specific desires, sometimes open rhinoplasty may be needed rather than closed rhinoplasty.

However, Closed Scarless Rhinoplasty is a great option for people concerned about their droopy nasal tip.

With Closed Scarless Rhinoplasty, Dr. Dugar is able to carefully sculpt the nose around one’s natural anatomy, leaving a very natural result. Dr. Dugar is able to lessen the droopy appearance of one’s nasal tip while keeping the unique characteristic of someone’s nose.

This is a great option for people who want a conservative nose job and are afraid that a nose job might make them look entirely different. Dr. Dugar ensures that every single rhinoplasty he performs adheres to his patients’ natural nasal anatomy and facial structure.

If you want to learn more about a droopy tip nose job, or have questions about Closed Scarless Rhinoplasty, our concierge staff is readily available to answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to contact our office or visit our website to learn more if Dr. Deepak Dugar is the right surgeon for you!

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