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Scarless Nose

Boise, Idaho Patients Looking for the Top Rhinoplasty Doctor

Dr. Dugar is the owner and only provider at Beverly Hills Rhinoplasty Center. People travel all over the world to get their rhinoplasty/ nose jobs done by Dr. Dugar and his expert-level abilities. Dr. Dugar is one of the most ethical and grounded surgeons, and many of our patients will travel from Boise, Idaho to Beverly Hills, CA so that they can have their surgeries done by someone who will actually listen to their desires, as well as, provide them with the nose that they have always wanted. Dr. Dugar is an expert in his technique called the Scarless Nose procedure of rhinoplasty. Most people do not realize that there are two ways to perform a rhinoplasty: open and closed. The most common technique is called open rhinoplasty; open rhinoplasty is described as a cut at the bottom of the nose and the skin is lifted up so the surgeon can see the entirety of the patient’s anatomy. This technique is the best for patients that have trauma or that are having their second or third rhinoplasty procedures. The surgeon has more ability to move and change the internal anatomy. However, Dr. Dugar is a specialist in closed Scarless Nose procedures making him solely a rhinoplasty surgeon. All the cuts are made from inside the nostrils so that no scars are visible.

Our patients from Boise, Idaho travel over state lines so that they can have this specific technique because you can keep this surgery a secret forever if one desires. Another reason that people travel all the way from Idaho to Beverly Hills is that Dr. Dugar is very honest and grounded. Dr. Dugar sincerely wants the best for his patients and will guide them to not perform surgery if they do not need it. A third reason that people from Boise travel to Beverly Hills Rhinoplasty Center is that they want to conserve their individuality. Many patients are afraid of the “cookie-cutter nose” which is a direct cut and paste of the same nose on different people. By coming to a specific rhinoplasty surgeon, who uses this specific technique, they will finesse your anatomy to create a nose that is individual to you. Another reason that people fly from all across the globe to have a nose job with Dr. Dugar is that the nose job recovery is one week. Patients only have to stay in the Beverly Hills or Los Angeles area for their closed rhinoplasty for one week with the cast on, and then they can fly back home to Boise, Idaho. Typically, nose job recovery is two to three weeks in the location of the surgery, and then many weeks to months of bruising, taping, and swelling. With the more refined Scarless technique by a trained rhinoplasty surgeon, you have less recovery time and you keep the personality with an enhanced nose job rather than a complete nose transformation. Lastly, patients want to travel to see Dr. Dugar for their nose job because he is a celebrity plastic surgeon. Dr. Dugar has been featured on many media outlets including E! News, IMDB, and Entertainment Tonight News.

Celebrities seek out this particular method and Dr. Dugar due to his honest discretion and because he enhances the nose that they already have by making it look more refined, poised, yet natural as well! Dr. Dugar continues to enhance his abilities, and due to him being a nose job specialist, he does the most amount of closed rhinoplasty procedures out of every plastic surgeon out there.

The best way to learn about Dr. Dugar and his specialized nose job technique is to have a virtual Zoom consultation with Dr. Dugar. During the consultation, you will learn what technique will suit your anatomy the best. In the consultation, Dr. Dugar will also listen to what you desire for your nose and what outcome you are looking for. Another great source is to peruse Dr. Dugar’s nose job before and after page. The before and after page will show you many different patients from different locations around the world, including Idaho, that chose to get a refined rhinoplasty by plastic surgeon expert Dr. Dugar.


Dr. Deepak Dugar

Director of Beverly Hills Rhinoplasty Center - Home of the Scarless Nose™ (Closed Rhinoplasty) Director of Scarless Med Spa

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