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Massaging Lips after Filler: 2 Reasons Why and Expert Believes it is Beneficial

massaging lips

Massaging Lips after Filler: 2 Reasons Why and Expert Believes it is Beneficial

Lip filler is a very common and simple procedure with little to no recovery time. Many people often wonder if they should massage their lips after receiving lip filler.

To understanding why you should or shouldn’t massage your lips you must understand how lip filler is placed in the lips.

Whether or not you are to massage your lips after lip filler depends on your injector’s preferences. Some injectors do not approve of massaging lips after receiving lip filler in fear that the filler will be displaced.

If your provider advises against massaging lips following a lip filler procedure, then it is recommended that you leave your lips as is.

However, there are certain benefits that many providers believe can be acquired from massaging your lips after lip filler. These include:

1. Even and smooth distribution of filler: Massaging lips after lip filler may soften any unnatural lumps and bumps after the filler is injected. This allows for a more natural effect from the filler.

2. Reduce bruising and swelling: Bruising and swelling is a common aftermath of lip injections and massaging lips slightly allows for a promotion of blood flow to the lips. This ultimately allows for enhanced healing of the lips following the procedure.

It is important to ensure that your provider is trained in injectables. Receiving lip injections from a trained professional ensures limited risk for complication and natural results.

Dr. Deepak Dugar recommends that his lip injection patients gently massage their lips in the first 24 hours following the procedure. This can be done by pinched the top or bottom lip on the inside and outside of the mouth and gently apply pressure in circular motions.

It is important to ensure that not too much pressure is applied to the lips because this can in fact displace the filler into unwanted regions. This technique allows for natural and even lip injection results.

For more information about lip filler, our wonderful concierge staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have. If you want to book a filler consultation with Dr. Dugar, you may visit our website or contact our office where our staff will assist you!

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